How To Request A Reciprocal Link

On the Internet, various webmasters exchange their links for free to generate link popularity as well as targeted traffic on their sites. This exchange of links is called reciprocal linking and it an important tool for webmasters to gain the targeted traffic on their websites. If you are also serious to build up a strong Internet presence, start making requests for reciprocal links. But if you think you don’t know much about reciprocal linking and want to learn how to request a reciprocal link, read this article.

First of all you must understand that you can attain much-desired link popularity with the help of quality reciprocal links. In fact for a long-term Internet presence, a strong reciprocal linking is needed to be built by you. Building reciprocal links is a strategy to be devised carefully. And for the purpose, a number of links and quality of the links has to be good enough to make them search engine friendly.

The search engines are capable of distinguishing between the right links and the useless ones. You cannot fool them by linking to all kind of websites. If you are a travel website, do not link to a baby care website. The link will be considered as useless in this case. Do not send a link request to any such website that is not complimentary to your business. Send the link requests to the targeted links websites only. When you make a reciprocal link with a complimentary business website, indexing of links by both of you will readily benefit both the parties.

To request a reciprocal link, first you have to find out the websites with a good page rank. You can get a list of the websites having good page ranks by making a record of their ranking by major search engines. Type the keyword describing the theme of your website. Press enter and wait for the results to appear. The websites with a good page rank should be your target for the link request. Once you have the list of high ranking websites, you can send the request to them in a humble manner. Post an email containing details of your website. The email should also contain the name of the website owner, URL of the website, the theme of your website and email address of the website owner.

How to request a reciprocal link is necessary to be understood for getting correct reciprocal links. You can easily send a link request to the website by sighting its articles on any ezine. Yes, the articles are a great way for link building on the Internet A number of ezines and forums publish articles that are a good source of reciprocal links.

Another important source to request a reciprocal links is the web directories. You have specialized reciprocal linking websites that are available for reciprocal link building with your website. The directories are able to give you the exact websites as the links are divided under certain categories. If you are owner of a sports website, you can enter a search for other sports websites links on the directory. You will be having a huge variety of websites that are willing to link back to you. Simply add a link on your website and send a link request to the websites mentioned in the directory.

To request a reciprocal link, make sure the website provides relevant information related to your website on its indexed link. If the website does not have a good page rank but has relevant information, you can send a reciprocal link request to that website as well.

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