How to thwart the Barbarian Spyware!

Today,on most internet user’s computers, we have the
ability to employ software, along with our
intelligence, to prevent viruses and spyware.
To put this article into proper perspective, we’ll use
Medieval defense tactics.

This is accomplished by 3 methods. First, a firewall…
‘The Castle Moat’ so to speak. A firewall can’t see
inside your computer beforehand though, so if any viruses
or spyware were present before the firewall was installed
then its of no use. Of course, its extremely good at preventing new

Second, a anti-virus program…. ‘The Castle Drawbridge!
They will not provide much help with spyware, but good
virus protection is as desirable as one of Avaris’s
dreams! One drawback can be the updates, of course.If
you’ve just updated Wednesday night and a virus hits the
next day, then you may not be protected till next
Wednesday night, and by then it may be too late. If you’re
smart, you will have signed up for email alerts with
the provider, or even better, you’ll have a anti-virus
program that has a real time update feature. I get the
tingles when I see that little pop-up saying a update
is available and click here. Its downloaded ,installed,
and updated in about 20 seconds! A new virus or Trojan or
God forbid, a new keylogger can hit the internet and spread
in a matter of days, and I’m sure this must make the definition
writers lives a living hell. I have great admiration for
them as they could have been wealthy doctors, but they have
chosen to help us… the end users. (moment of silence here)

Last, we have anti-spyware programs,’The Flaming oil’! (my favorite).
Their update features are like the anti-virus programs,
so you have to be as vigilant with this method of defense
too as you would be with the others. I’ve heard there are
people out there that don’t even know when their
updates run, or even if its configured to do so! I
refuse to believe this sordid rumor!

So you’ve got your defenses set up, you’re looking good.
But the best defense is a good offense, attack!
That’s what some organizations do. They prowl the net
looking for websites that harbor drive-by downloads,
URL Re-Directing and such. When they find them, they
shut them down, or report them so effective protection
can be manufactured. These people have my sincere
thanks for what they do. With identity theft on the
rise and Websense reporting that the average computer
has 28 items of Spyware on it, we need all the help we
can get. Oh sure, you’re saying not my computer !
Well, lets discuss those little boxes that you click
“I Agree” to when you download something. Do you read
the entire statement? This is one way spyware has
become so rampant, because so many downloads have extra
software included in them. These can be harmful to
your computers well being. KeyLoggers, popups, adware, malware…
Need I go on?
So my idea is that we need these shining knights from the
castle to journey forth on a quest. They will be
little robots or spiders like the search engines use.
They will be given absolute power over harmful
programs they find. They will be like Gort in the
movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.
Dell recently reported that 12% of their calls were
for spyware damage, Microsoft says half of their
reports of system crashes are caused by spyware. These
calls cost these companies millions of dollars in
revenue, which they then pass the costs of onto us,
the consumers.
Who knows, if viruses and spyware ever get controlled,
the average computer may only cost a dollar!

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