How to write a killer sales letter.

Patric Chan

I sit down and look at my notebook. Then, I put myself
into the ‘zone’.

That’s how I start to write web copy that sells.

Whether you agree with me or not, your web copy will
determine whether your product’s going to sell online
or not.

Simple reason. In an offline sales pitch or
presentation, you get to interact with your prospect.
You get to touch him. He gets to see you personally.

But not online. No, no, no. It all depends on the
words on your site. See how powerful words are?

I’m not saying I’m a guru at web copy. There are many
other copywriters who are far better than me. Many. But
I’ve written my own web copy and it’s selling. And at
the same time, I’ve been hired to write for others.

Keep on reading on how I write killer web copy and
you can pick up any of the tips.

The first part to write a copy, you MUST be in the

What the heck is the ‘zone’? The ‘zone’ is like… the
mood. You see, writing a great copy is like an artist
painting a beautiful picture. When you are in the
‘zone’, your hand can’t stop typing and your mind
keeps on coming up with amazing ideas to write.

Like, I’m in the ‘zone’ when I write this article.

How to be in the ‘zone’? I’m not sure how you can
achieve that, but for me, I put in a lot of passion to
write a killer copy and I look into the future to see how
this copy will sell like crazy.

That’s how I get into the ‘zone’.

Once you are in the zone, keep on writing. Don’t stop.
Even though, you know you are writing wrong grammar or
putting in weird ideas. Just keep on writing.

Then, after it’s finished, read it all over again.
This time, you’ll pick up the mistakes and you’ll add
in more ideas. Continue doing this until you are
satisfied with your work. Finally, edit your work.

When you start your copy, your headline is one of the
most important parts of the copy.

Some copy writers write tons of headlines before they
start. For me, I’ll write about 5 headlines and read
it over several times. Then, I’ll pick the best and fine
tune it at least 5-10 times before I decide to use it.

One more part of writing copy; don’t feel bad
‘borrowing’ some ideas from successful copy you’ve

Get a swipe file of the best copy you can find.

And the last thing you need to keep in mind when
writing a killer copy is this:

“What’s the end result the reader will get if they buy
from you?”

Your copy MUST sell hope and benefits to the reader
if you want them to buy anything after reading your

Now go write your killer copy.

All the best.

Warmest regards,
Patric ‘High-Speed Marketing’ Chan
Chief Marketing Strategist

About the author:

Patric works with world-class internet marketing gurus to build successful online businesses. He is also the author of ‘How To Make More Money Easily’. Discover more insider secrets and the exact proven strategies to make money online:

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