How To Choose An Affiliate Program

What is the most important of these two factors in choosing an
affiliate program?

1. What the program can offer you.


2. How you think the program will sell to others.

Ignore for a minute whatever it is the program sells, and ignore
what tools, freebies, or extras it offers. Strip it all away and
look at the ‘attitude’ of the program.

What kind of ‘feel’ does it have? What kind of upline support
does it have? Does it sound like something that is real and going
to be around? Or does it remind you of the row of shouting
salesmen at a fair time carnival?

When you sign up on a program, you are putting YOUR
NAME alongside the techniques, attitudes, and reputation of
that program. If you are planning to sell whatever that program
sells, you are also committing yourself to believe in whatever
that program sells.

Now considering that, does your opinion change about some of
the programs you’ve seen, are considering joining, or have
already joined?

Often times, we look at the ‘excitement’ of the sales page, and
think to ourselves, “Wow! That has to attract a lot of buyers!
I’ll bet I can get a lot of sales from this program!”

Stop and think, though, is the program attracting you sensibly,
or is it just hype? Does it offer anything REAL to YOU? Is
there anybody standing behind the program? If you want more
information, who do you contact? Is that clear on the site? Will
they contact you? Is anybody going to be around after you buy
in, or will they be too busy running to the bank with your

What kind of person are you? Don’t you think any program you
join should reflect the kind of person you are?

So what is more important? What the program has to offer
you? Or how you think it will sell to others?

Once you buy into a program, you will be selling to others the
same thing that you just bought. If you liked what was there, if
you wanted what it offered, if you thought highly of it, chances
are most others will as well.

It will be ‘individuals’ looking at a program on your
recommendation, not just ‘people’ in general. Individuals pay
for things, individuals who will look to you as the one who got
them into it. Can you proudly say, “This is my program, check it
out!” Would you say that to people visiting you in your own

Or would you feel better hiding behind an affiliate ID number
and just throwing your ads out in cyberspace to ‘people’ in

The only opinion in the whole world that you really, truly
understand is your own. Don’t judge a program on how you
‘think’ others will react to it, judge it by what YOU see and

Why? Because that is what everyone else that visits the site will
be doing.

Now, look at programs with a new mindset. Ask yourself
where the people offering the program are located. Ask
yourself how it will all work. Are they real people offering you
information, or is it just a site asking for your credit card

It all boils down to a choice between programs with real people
offering real information and value, and programs that are
merely hype selling hype.

Sure, that row of shouting carnival salesmen will take in some
money, but how long are they going to be in town?

If you are seeking true residual income, stick with value that
plans on being around. That’s something you can identify
yourself, without trying to ‘think’ about what will sell to others.

About the Author

Joe Bingham, editor of the NetPlay Newsletters.

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