How To Make $10,500 Promoting Affiliate Programs

I’ve heard some people say that no one is making money online anymore. Ever heard something like that?

Well it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m making plenty. So let’s put that myth aside right now!

You see, not so long ago I was struggling to pay my bills, relying on a tiny income from a few web sites that I manage. The money would trickle in. $20 here. $5 there.

Then I discovered a technique that’s made me as much as $10,500 in a single month!

While trying to find ways to make more money with my web sites, I was exploring affiliate programs. And I came across the concept of advertising affiliate products through Pay-Per-Click search engines.

The amazing thing was I didn’t even need a web site to do it!

But paying for clicks? It sounded more like a way to spend money than to make it! Anyway, I decided that at the very least it was worth checking out.

The concept is simple.

1. Choose a product – one that has an affiliate program.

2. Set up an advertising campaign at a PPC search engine like Google and choose how much you want to pay per click.

3. Write a three line advertisement and add your affiliate link.

4. Whenever anyone clicks through your ad and buys the product, you earn a commission.

I started by conducting several test campaigns and quickly had one or two showing some early promise. Over the next two weeks I tested around 25 campaigns for a whole range of affiliate products.

Three weeks after starting I had several profitable campaigns. So I boosted these campaigns using some techniques which I discovered and discuss in my book Affiliate Adventure.

In my second month my net profit was a little more than $10,500.

That’s around £6,000.

Or $14,000 Australian dollars.

Not a bad paycheck. And I’ve been earning similar amounts every month since then.

Does it sound easy? Well, if it was too easy then everyone from your granny to the mailman would be doing it.

In fact, while the concept is simple, getting your campaigns to run profitably takes some expertise.

That’s where my book, Affiliate Adventure, will really help you. It will breathe life into your affiliate marketing campaigns by telling you exactly how to get started in this business and which mistakes to avoid from the very beginning.

I’m finally making the kind of money online that I always dreamed about.

By promoting affiliate programs at Pay Per Click Search engines, you can too.

About the Author

Scott Adams is the author of Affiliate Adventure. He is a full-time Internet entrepreneur living in Asia. For more information on Scott’s book, please visit:

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