How To Pyramid Affiliate Programs Into A Solid Income

There are an unlimited number of Affiliate programs on the

Most of them are designed to put money in your pockets. To
succeed with them you must be dedicated and put in a lot of
hard work!

If you can sell to a “waiting market,” you’ll make money.

You must make it easy for your recruits to duplicate your
efforts. If you leave them drifting aimlessly without your
direction, you haven’t got much of a chance.

It doesn’t matter how good your program is. Most affiliates
don’t make money. They don’t know how to get their offers
to the right prospects at a reasonable cost.

They need your help.

Your first step is to create the most dynamic sales letter
you can come up with.

Your sales letter should be benefit packed, letting them
know that you can solve their money problems. If you can
show them how to earn a solid income they will be eager to
join your program.

Make it as easy as possible for your prospects to sign up.

Keep the costs for getting started affordable.

Many of the affiliate programs even offer Free sign up or a
Free “test drive” of the program before a decision has to
be made.

Marketers have a fear of being ripped off, especially if
your program is a fairly new one.

If the enrollment fees are reasonable or if the program
offers a Free “test drive”, a much larger percentage of
your leads will be willing to “take a chance.”

Once you’ve built an educated downline, that is profiting
with your program, it is just a matter of plugging in your
winning formula into the next program.

As each program turns a profit, you can roll into a new
money making venture.

Setting up your system and educating your affiliates for
the first venture will take the most time and effort.

After that you’re ready to build your empire one money
maker at a time.

Wishing You Success

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