Is Your Music Player Spying On You?

In today’s times spyware is a very serious issue and all computer users should be aware of the possible damage it can cause. It is estimated by well known industry insiders that nearly 90% of all computers are infected with some kind of spyware. This no
surprise as spyware programs can be highly contagious and spread from computer to computer via emails and network exchanges rapidly.

Spyware’s main intent is usually to track where you go on the internet. This includes websites you visit, what you buy from the internet, and generally what you use the internet for, all the while the spyware program will report this information back to the publisher. The publishers of spyware are rich with all the information of thousands of computer users surfing habits and they make a huge profit by selling this information to third parties who may not take your privacy concerns in to account.

You may think that running anti-virus programs and firewalls on your computer will be enough to protect you from this threat but think again. Spyware can easily slip past these programs as spyware disguises itself as a part of a program that you actually want to install on your computer. Programs that you use daily may be harvesting spyware.

One of the most popular music players on the internet that millions of people use to play, download and organise their favourite music with is actually spyware. Can you guess what it is? RealPlayer is not just a feature rich jukebox anymore, it’s spyware. If you read the agreement before you install the player for the first time, RealPlayer actually tells the unsuspecting user that it will record all the information about what music you listen to, what videos you view and how often. It then transmits this private information back to it’s corporate office using your resources while doing so. This information is kept on file and used to profile you. Unfortunately you have no say in what information they have access to.

Spyware detection and removal software is imperative to keeping your private information private and keeping your computer healthy. It’s a scary thought that companies are armed with the technology to snoop on you when you are simply enjoying music and watching videos you enjoy in you own home.

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