Know this before you start your home business

Arun Pal Singh

As 2005 dawns on earth I am quite thoughtful. Many persons started their business in 2004. Some succeeded and some left disappointed.

This New Year would bring many new home entrepreneurs to the net. How many of them would continue with what they started? How many would leave disappointed and disgruntled? How many of them would become a source of inspiration for others in waiting? How many would detest many others just because they failed.

I hear crackers bursting as people welcome New Year with full celebrations.

For those who have left, I feel sorry. They have left a road to wealth, richness and freedom from daily grind.

For those who are about to begin, I extend my welcome. 2005 is predicted to be the best year till date for home business. Equally for those who are making millions right now or just starting.

Whatever kind of business you are in, wherever you are from, home business will make you rich.

The reason many people do not start a home business is because they think they can’t do it. The reason why people leave it is because they expect instant results.

Every body knows good fruits take time to yield. It is same with your home business.

Whether you plan to sell your own products or join affiliate programmes, patience and perseverance is the name of the game. You must maintain your efforts. Give your business time to mature. Otherwise one falls into traps of frustration and frustrated man cannot think clearly.

Clarity of thought is must for success.

Without going into finer details these are prerequisites of home business. Each of that can be searched for and you would get enough details

•A product to sell (Create your own or sell other’s). Your own product can be either digital (e-book) or physical (book). Internet sells almost everything. With some efforts you can sell your product too.

If you do not have one you can join affiliate programmes of already selling products. It is simple. you sell their product and they give you commission on every sale. They have made a sale, they are happy.You make money you are happier.

•A website for your products. This is you web store to host the product you choose to sell. If people who visit your store choose to buy, you make money. Millions of people use internet everyday. You can imagine the scope.

•Hosting. This is space on the web land where your web site will be placed. These services are available both free of cost and at a price.Price varies as per service provider and what you are looking for. But if you aim for professional results use the paid ones.

•Promoting your site. This is to let people know that you have a store which sells those products. This is the difficult part but as you gather knowledge it becomes easier too. Various marketing strategies are available in plenty. You can use as per your budget.

Just a word of caution. Don’t spend your money on hypes promising instant results. There is nothing like that even on the net.

Once you start, start with full throttle. Do not hesitate for hesitation will hold you back. Learn the essentials as you go along. Gather knowledge and use it for expansion of your business.

I again welcome you decision to start home business. It will be a promising year, I promise.

Good luck.

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Arun Pal Singh runs a successful business from home at http://www.homeforprofits.comHe is also publisher and editor of Home for profits’ income course, a free newsletter with hundreds of tips for home business which can be subscribed by mailing to

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