Marketing your home business for big profits

Jim Noel

Marketing your home business for big profits takes some due diligence and the right resources.

In 1999 I started a home based business, and I submitted my website to every search engine that would take it from here to the North Pole.

I submitted classified ads; I had more links on my website, than Carter has pills.

I bought the submission software’s, the top ads on classified ad sites, the linking programs and so on.

I had about $500 to spend on this venture and I spent it all on marketing.

Yes I got a few hits, and some replies. But after a year of not really getting off the ground, I closed down shop and stuck my tail between my legs and just took the loss and figured this home business stuff was not to done.

Jan 2004 I wanted to try this home business venture again, only this time I was going to some research on home business and how people succeed in it.

I read news articles on the internet, went into forums to see what others were doing, and so on. Found out quickly everyone has an opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

Well I did learn quite a bit, like on my first venture I was linking to every website that would take my link. I found out, it is not the amount of links; it is the quality of websites you link to.

That was one mistake. Found out also that these submission software’s and programs are not all that great either.

After about 6 months of research and reading, I reopened a new home business in July 2004. I applied what I had learned to this business.

To my surprise after about 2 weeks I started getting some affiliates, had a couple sales, and things were off and running.

A little over a month went buy and I was continuing to make progress, and then I stumbled on to what I consider is one of the best business tools out there.

It was an organization that had all the proven tools, resources, experts, materials, books you name it on how to get make big profits on your home business.

Well I signed up, and for once that was the best money I spent, a low monthly fee for all of there resources. Well let’s just say, that in 1 month my profits doubled.

The next month they doubled again! All this buy just having the right resources and tools at my disposal, is what made the difference in 2004, compared to my flop in 1999.

I turn 45 years old in 2005, and have planned on retiring from my full time job in the aerospace industry. My home business as gotten so big and so profitable that I know longer need my other job.

You know what J.O.B. stands for (Just over Broke). Well I know longer need to worry about that, now that I have the financial freedom to support my family for years to come.

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