Marketing Revolution with Blogs and RSS

Do you know that there is a marketing revolution happening online this very moment?

Before that, let’s go back in time and take a look at the major revolution or ‘waves’ that has occured when the Internet became a business or marketplace.

First there was the Search Engine revolution, with Alta Vista, Yahoo and now Google coming onto the scene and with webmasters busy tweaking their pages for high ranking on these search engines which means more traffic.

Then there was the email marketing revolution, when people discovered the use of email as a means for follow up selling and is still being widely used today.

Finally, there was the affiliate marketing wave, popularised perhaps by Amazon, and with most businesses following using this model to distribute and sell their products.

And today, we have blogs and rss feeds being used as a new form of marketing for businesses. Blogs appeared few years back, and in a way was similar to a forum, except that with blogs, you call the shots and can write and talk about anything under the Sun.

When it first appeared, blogs were thought of nothing more than just a tool for people to express their rants, feelings, emotions and so forth. However, soon savvy marketers recognized the use of blogs as another channel of marketing – be it branding, selling, promotion etc.

Today, blogs have taken on a whole new meaning and become sophisticated in look and content to the extent that it has become a powerful way to market products and services. There are so many ways you can earn money with blogs, which is discussed in my multimedia e-book.

RSS Feeds are basically a way of distributing/circulating/syndicating your contents, which can come from your blogs, your newsletters, and so forth. In my multimedia e-book, “Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS” I show you in video how easy it is to create a feed in under 10 minutes!

Think of a giant sea octopus. Imagine its long tentacles with suction pods all over reaching out to grab food. RSS Feeds is like a giant octopus, with UNLIMITED tentacles and UNLIMITED REACH for you to “grab” your prospects.

Does that send shiver down your spine?

About the Author

Brandon Hong is the author of “Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS” Videos E-course and also “Blogs and RSS Revealed” comprising an Ebook and Audio webcast, that teaches businesses strategies of building more responsive buyers and increasing search engine rankings, using Blogs and RSS.

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