MLM Training- The MLM Success Secret of Unstoppable PASSION

by Doug Firebaugh


It’s What Rules the Journey of outrageous and radical MLM and Network Marketing Success. It what attracts the Success the majority of people seek, but never find.

It’s What Determines striking Solid Gold in the Success Gold mine of your heart.

It’s What is so Magnetic, so compelling, that it is impossible to stop a Passionate Person on a Network Marketing Crusade. Slowing it down even won’t happen.

It is what the Power of all Success is made of, and is connected to.

It is what all Network Marketing Success is driven by and a force that cannot be stopped.

What is Passion in MLM?

It simply is the unstoppable and undeniable energy and force within a person towards a goal, dream, or destination, that is powered by the heart, and stoked by a Fire of Obsession and the Heat of a deep Heart Connection.

It is simply an Untoppable, Unconquerable, and Undeniable Fire in the Heart to accomplish something.

Passion is one of the most powerful forces on earth and in MLM, and a person with Passion can accomplish more in one day than most can in a year. Passion in Network Marketing is THAT POWERFUL.

It is even more than that powerful. Network Marketers that have true Passion towards what they are doing, end up hugely Successful, and wealthy.

Passion elevates the person in MLM to perform at a level they never thought possible and a pace they never thought doable. They refuse to give in, give out, give way, or give up.

They simply GIVE MORE with a Passionate energy.

In MLM, Passion is the missing ingredient to most people who quit.


Passion is THE Success Driver in Network Marketing.

The Mediocre Factor of Dabble in MLM.

What’s in your blood? Think about it. It is more than just red blood cells and plasma. There is a Substance of a Dream that courses through your veins that makes up a part of who you are.

What turns your Fire up and Ignites it so quick that when you think of it, it consumes you?

Or, as far as Network Marketing, do you just dabble at it, and not take it seriously, and end up drowning in excuses?

Many people dabble in Life and MLM success, never getting serious about it, and then end up drowning in a sea of excuses and mediocrity with waves of regret.

MLM Success requires Passion and a Fire of Connection to the heart that most never develop.

What Lights you up?

A Sport?

A Gift?

A Hobby?

A Dream?

A Relationship?

A Talent you have?

A Desire that has your heart?

THAT is the start of a lifelong MLM success journey if you let it be. Let Network Marketing be the vehicle that lights you up and gets you closer to the dream you have for your life.

Do something with what lights you up, and MLM be the energy behind the vehicle that Drives the Success of it.

If you do:

It will never let you down in life.


It gets in your blood. It becomes a part of who you are and what you do. And it infuses your blood with an injection of Passion in Network Marketing.

And passes through you heart daily.

That creates an Untoppable Heart for Network Marketing Success.

Network Marketing is in your blood.

The Blood that Runs through the Heart of Success.

It’s called PASSION.

Do you need a Blood Transfusion in your MLM and Network Marketing Business?


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