More Cool Sites Everyone Should Bookmark

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Despite all the hype over search engines, personal
recommendation still serves as one of the best ways people
find and use websites on the Internet.

In that spirit of person-to-person sharing, we again tour
the web to find the best, most helpful, unusual, or just
plain cool websites every surfer should bookmark.


Is your email in-box swamped with junk emails?
Telemarketers interrupting dinner every night?
Website advertisers invading your privacy?
Who you gonna call – JunkBusters!

Log on to and find a large resource of
how and where to get help in cutting down on the “junk”
advertising that threatens to engulf us all! Learn exactly
what to do to shut down everything from junk faxes to
people who trade your personal data.

** Blog, Blog, Blog

Web logs, commonly referred to as “blogs,” represent all
the rage right now in online publishing.

Not really a newsletter or traditional publishing, blogs
resemble more of a web-based diary where the creator
records their thoughts, posts links, or responds to

If you want to find one of the thousands of blogs online
about everything from cooking to puppy potty training, log
onto to search through a rapidly expanding

** Who’s on the line?

Anyone with caller ID asks the same question when an
unfamiliar number pops up on the screen. “Who is that?”

Even with enhanced caller ID you can’t always figure out
who called.

Rather than call back and risk looking foolish
by saying something like “Somebody called me from this
number.”, you can log on to or to do a reverse search by phone number.
You can also do a number of other searches on people’s
addresses and other information.

** Identity Theft

Sadly, not everyone in the world tries to operate under the
“Golden Rule.”

Identity theft rates as one of the fastest growing crimes
in the world, mostly because it’s such an easy crime to

Whether you go online or not, everyone carries a risk of
falling victim to an identity thief.

Prevention and proper information rank as the top ways to
prevent identity theft from happening to you. Log on to to understand the risks and get
specific information for making yourself a less-likely

** Free Conference Calls

Need to schedule a conference call with family, friends or
business associates, but don’t want to pay for an expensive
bridge line or sign a long-term contract?

Log on to and sign up for a free

You can put up to 100 people on a phone call together (long
distance charges apply) and use the service to make
presentations, do product training, or even hold a family
reunion by phone.

Since they don’t charge for the service, I’d advise using
this one fast since most free services end up shutting down
after a few brief months.

About the author:

Jim Edwards, a.k.a., is a syndicated newspaper columnist, nationally recognized speaker, author, and web developer. Owner of nine (9) successful e-businesses as well as a professional consulting firm, Jim’s writing comes straight off the front lines of the Internet and e-commerce.

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