My Secret Recipe For Home Business Success.

A few months ago I decided to jump into an online marketing business. I thought that it couldn’t be all that difficult to make money online. The genius in me thought that I would be able to figure this marketing thing out. After all it wasn’t exactly rocket science.

I’ve spent hours promoting my web site. I began dropping my links, and submitted my advertisements, here and there, trying to sell products to earn a commission. As the days turned to months, I was quickly getting little, or nothing for my efforts. Frustrated, and disgusted with the results that I was having, I was ready to throw in the towel.

The methods that I used to promote my business did not produce the results that I wanted to see. But just the same I kept right on doing those same things over, and over again. In order to produce the results that I desired, I had to change. Of course, to change, I had to learn a different way of doing things. That also meant that I had to be open to learning new ideas.

So for me it was right back to school learning the basics. The only problem was, I never really started there to begin with.

The most basic ideas can have a profound affect on your success. Here’s a rule that I now live by. It is a rule that is very basic, but has been very helpful with keeping me on track, and it has given me something to always shoot for.

I have discovered the importance of writing down my goals, and yes it has to be written down. If you do not write them down it might get forgotten, or lost, that translates into wasted time. A written goal on the other hand can pave the road to success, and here is how. I write down a short-term goal like this one. I want to make $100 dollars this month. I then write underneath what I need to do to achieve that goal. In this case I would have to sell X amount of products, or services to make that $100. Then I jot down the individual steps that I need to take to sell that quantity of products, or services.

Example: My Goal is to make $100 dollars this month.
I need to sell 15 of this product.
Step 1: Advertise by pay per click!
Step 2: Learn how to use pay per click!
Step 3: Tell my prospects about my product. Ect…

By doing this very simple exercise you create a road map, a checklist to follow. Now we have a direct path that will lead us to accomplishing the goal that we set out for ourselves. The concept is very basic, and it works every time. As you walk through each step you come one step closer to achieving that goal. By achieving that goal you have just witnessed success.

There are more things that will need to happen before you see absolute success, but writing down your goals it is a good place to start. You may want to brush up on your online marketing skills. I found a single web site that has made it much easier for me to sell products on-line. Thanks to my new resource I am getting taught the A,B,C’s to online marketing. You see the other things that need to happen for anyone to see success is being taught the fundamentals. The fundamentals are the foundation of which everything is built on.

Not too long ago I was on the fast track to failure because of the way my mind was programmed. I had FEAR, “The Fear Of Money”. I was so afraid of losing money, the fear was stopping me from making money. This same fear is guilty, for stopping countless people, from even trying to make their vision become a reality.

I know that in this business I am not alone when it comes to fear. So if you have home business, and you experience this fear you will have to reprogram the way you think. This fear will most certainly hold you back from making your piece of the Internet’s wealth.

Instead of fearing losing money promoting your business, and products. “Concentrate more on the making money part”! The thought of making money sounds, and feels better much than the thought of losing money.

Think what steps do I need to take to sell this product, or service. How can I tell everyone about my web site. I suggest doing a little research there are many ways to attract people to a web sit. I like writing articles, using pay per click services, sending emails out with funny jokes signed with love and please visit my web site at http://www….com. Have faith in your products. If you have good products they will sell themselves with a little help from you ad page.

Remember if you build it they will come. If you don’t they won’t
Most importantly honor you vision. Donald Trump said if you want to be successful “love what you do!” We are always good at things that we love to do. That’s why it is important to love it, or leave it!

About the author:

Michael Ditch lives in Vermont, with his wife and baby girl. Michael is originally from Buffalo NY; His wife is from Okinawa Japan. Michael first met his wife of almost 9 years while, he served over seas in the Marine Corps. He has recently started up his own home business.

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