My Top 10 Favorite Internet Tools

– by Jim Edwards

(c) Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved

When you make your living on the Internet, you can
sometimes forget that the tools and resources you take for
granted might rate an incredible discovery to someone who
doesn’t already know they exist.

Whether they help you save time, save money, or avoid
frustration, these tools and services rate my highest
recommendation for just plain making life easier, faster
and cheaper.

1. Short Keys –
Available free at, Short Keys
allows you to create shortcut keys to cut down on
repetitive typing tasks. I absolutely love this program
because of the amount of time it saves me every single day.

2. Good Keywords –
Available free at, Good Keywords
enables you to condense hours of keyword research into a
few seconds. Find out the top keywords your target audience
searches for so you can put your advertising dollars in the
right spot to catch the biggest fish.

3. Mail Washer –
Available free at, this program enables
you to spot and delete spam and viruses before downloading
them to your computer. With so much spam clogging my email
in-box, I couldn’t survive any more without this program!

4. ClickBank –
If you sell a downloadable product such as an ebook,
report, or software, you can’t beat clickbank for
processing credit card payments. Not only do they take the
payments and send you a check twice a month, they also plug
your product into an existing network of thousands of
affiliates who can sell it for you.

5. –
Cheap, reliable, easy to use domain name registrar that
only charges $8.95 per year for each domain name you
register. Godaddy rates cheaper and just as, if not more,
reliable than any other domain registrar.

6. GroupMail –
Visit to download the free version of
GroupMail. The program allows you to email and do mail
merge to your entire database of contacts. It’s a great way
to stay in touch with customers, family, and clients.

7. Google –
As far as I’m concerned, rates as the Web’s best
search engine. When I need to find something online in a
hurry, Google usually produces exactly what I want to

8. Front Page –
Say what you want about Microsoft, but the FrontPage html
editor has served me well for the last 5 years and
counting. Though I don’t use the more advanced features, I
can always count on FrontPage to help me get my web pages
done quickly and easily.

9. Smart FTP –
Log on to and download a free copy of the
easiest FTP program I’ve every used. If you need to
transfer files to and from a web server and you know how to
use Windows Explorer, Smart FTP will enable you to upload
files to the web like a pro in minutes.

10. Note Tab Light –
Perhaps my favorite tool of all. Note Tab enables me to
easily format text messages for my newsletters, manipulate
html code and remove formatting from word processing
documents. Log on to for a free copy of the
“light” version.

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