Shyam Buxani’s new book SALAM – Divine Revelations From The Actual God is the result of almost 2 decades of ongoing spiritual visions experienced by the author. In this regard, both author and publisher certify that SALAM contains the word of God del
Public Service News Bureau (PSNB)— We may think we are worshipping God, but most of us are really worshipping the devil. That is the jarring assertion found in the new non-fiction book SALAM – Divine Revelations From The Actual God by Shyam D. Buxani (SAU-Salam Publishers, $34.95); which is certified by both author and publisher to contain the word of God delivered in modern times.

SALAM was written as the result of “divine” revelations that began occurring to the author, Shyam Buxani, in 1984 while he was fasting and praying. Encouraged by his family to record God’s enlightenments as they occurred, Buxani spent 18 years writing them down as they were conveyed to him.

According to the author, readers of SALAM will find the answers to their deepest questions about good and evil and the purpose of existence. They will also find fulfillment for their spiritual needs and the means to instantly re-establish their direct relationship with the Creator. Within its 600 pages, SALAM-Divine Revelations From the Actual God delivers the author’s best understandings of God’s clarifications about most aspects of living including our religious beliefs and practices, the environment, capitalism, medicine, free trade, income taxes, rising crime, women’s rights, homosexuality and family life.

Today, more people than ever are seeking spiritual enlightenment from books. In these turbulent times of uncertainty, religious books are selling better than ever before as readers seek answers to their questions about the nature of good and evil. In this respect, the book provides inspiring content, which may prove highly controversial to some, but certainly thought provoking to all. Written in a combination of verse and prose, SALAM details a comprehensive moral code encompassing most aspects of world affairs and daily life. For more information and to view excerpts from SALAM – Divine Revelations From The Actual God visit

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