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“In today’s world, websites are not just the clout of major companies alone. Web presence has become affordable for smaller businesses, organizations and even individuals. Having a website helps build and expand business, increase sales or offer services by reaching out to the people who seek it. And contrary to what you may think, it is not enough to just have a website created and uploaded; maintenance, website promotion and marketing are equally important aspects. So, when looking for a web design company, you need to ensure that you get all these benefits to get an edge over others.

At #10, we understand that your website reflects your company’s motto and image. Hence, the web design solutions we offer are in keeping with your original ideas and the image you like to project. Whatever be your industry, the web design team, at #10 is adept at designing websites that exude professionalism and character. Our design staff works with you, understanding your requirements and focusing on your needs. Logo creation, logo placement and the flow of the various pages are all designed as per your requirements. During every stage of the web designing process, we take your inputs and feedbacks. We work upon your ideas and add our expertise, to make your website stand out from the clutter.

At #10, we use technologically advanced and effective software tools to ensure that your website attracts target audience. Use of a combination of right HTML text, background images, and graphic images with the right and most legible typefaces and fonts make your website presentable and popular. We also create customized web banner or advertisement banner in a variety of styles. Our interactive flash banners are created aesthetically, and can be embedded within the homepage. These features add a charisma to your website, if used tastefully.

We also use marketing and promotion strategies, so that your website is listed high in the search engines and directories. Our ecommerce tools, coupled with long-term maintenance and innovative solutions from time to time, gets your target audience hooked. Also since the website we create are written, coded and designed for user friendliness and search engine visibility, you can rest assured of maximum visitors to your website.

Although the attention span of a web surfer is just a few seconds, a neatly laid-out website with interesting graphics, updated facts and user-friendly navigation is sure to have visitors linger on. Trust us at #10, to design that kind of a website for you.

#10 web design company offers services especially in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland.

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##10 web design company offers services especially in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. For more details go to www.web-design.nr10.com

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