People DO NOT Buy From Websites……

Mal Keenan

Of course the title of this article IS NOT complete as $1,000,000s in sales are made every day by online entrepreneurs. What it should have read to be more accurate was “People DO NOT buy from websites….they buy from other people”.

It is a common misconception that you can set up a sales page online and that the rest will fall into place. The sales will roll in and if you create the perfect website and send some targeted visitors consistently then you will be rich. This idea was very far from the whole truth.

Of course if you do create a top selling website and send the right type of visitors you will make sales but to be a REAL success you need to do a lot more than that. Or should I say BE a lot more than that.

Selling is more about selling yourself than it is about selling a product.

I struggled online for years and was completely unaware of the reasons why I had not become a resounding success. This was especially true in my network marketing ventures. I would add 100s of new members yet would watch as my organisation crumbled, or more often than not, never even get off the ground.

The problem was that to the people in my downlines I was a name and a number, they didn’t know anything about ME and until this was the case, nothing happened. I made very few sales and even less members of my team joined in the recruiting efforts.

It wasn’t until I started to make myself known online that sales really started to take off. My online revenue continues to grow as I continue to do this.

A few things come to mind that can help build trust with your downline and online prospects in general:

1.Post a picture of yourself on your website.

2.Use your full name on your website.

3.When posting in online forums use your full name as your nickname rather than an obscure username.

4.Send regular emails to your downline and get personal, tell them a little bit about yourself. No need to go into details about your last counselling session. Be general.:-)

5. Answer ALL emails from your team and visitors to your site, even the ones that you know won’t result in a sale. It lets them know you are a REAL person and may result in future sales.

6. Consider building a team website or forum to further your web presence and brand your name.

These are just a few of the tactics you can use to ensure that those who do visit or join your team will find it a lot more comfortable in buying from you and getting involved in the business. I’m sure there are many more. Can you think of any?

If you aren’t already building trust with your prospects then you ARE losing out in a big per centage of sales. The sale per visitor ratio on my sites has risen dramatically since I employed the above strategies and I’m sure they will do with yours also.

Try them immediately and find out.

I wish you continued success.

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