Popup Ads – Redesign Them and Explode Your Sales!

Most people put popup ads and Spam in the same category; they genuinely don’t believe in their effectiveness.

However, marketing statistics show that popup ads are powerful marketing tools that can significantly increase your sales and subscribers to your opt-in list or newsletter. On the flip side, popup ads are the third most hated entity on the Internet, behind Spam and adware. This is because most popup ads are the rude interrupting variety that traps the user into an unending loop.

It is possible to produce Popups that provide relevant information to users in a non-intrusive way. You just need to be sure that you are providing relevant information to the visitors to your site (information that they are already actively looking for.

If you are using conventional popup ads on your site, you may have noticed oh, in the last year or so…that your opt in list has been continually declining. You can attribute this decline to the advent of the popup blocker. Just in case you’re not familiar with pop-up blockers, here’s the short summaryÂ…over the past year, a lot companies, even the major ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) such as AOL, Google and Yahoo have been releasing software designed to block pop-ups, so that anyone who has the software installed can control how many pop-ups they see from what website or even block them totally. In lots of cases, the average Internet user doesn’t even know that they have a popup blocker installed on their toolbar.

There is new technology available now that lets you create a new type of popup ad. This ad is an animated floating ads that look and behave like pop-ups but are essentially a part of the main web page, so popup blockers can’t stop them.
Unlike conventional popups, which open new browser windows, these ads are part of your web page.

Using this new technology, you can:

Conduct polls and surveys to can get useful feedback from your visitors/aid your marketing efforts

2. Capture email addresses from visitors by offering them free information

3. Use your thank you pages to introduce your visitors to your other products. Since they are already in a buying mood, there is a pretty good chance that they will be receptive.

4. Add “tips of the day” and change them every so often to generate interest.

As a smart internet marketer, I’m sure you know that by capturing the visitor’s email address, and then following up with them via an effective auto-responder campaign, you can more than double your chances of closing the sale. By using the new popup ads, you can do exactly that!

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