Postcards–A Quick Way to More Sales

Postcards—A Quick Way to More Sales
…5 reasons to look at this marketing strategy.

Need To Give Your Business a Quick Lift?

Need a quick way to get more sales? Want a simple way of keeping in contact with your customers? Need a new lead generation tool? Take another look at postcard marketing.

A few years back, people predicted the internet and e-mailing would rule the marketing world. They forgot to factor spam and e-mail filters into the mix.
After a dip in direct mailing volume, postcard marketing is once again increasing in numbers.

This article invites you to see how postcard marketing can improve your bottom line. I will give you five reasons why this proven low-tech tool can make a difference in your business results. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of post card marketing!

1. Postcards work.

Why does postcard marketing work? It is direct response advertising. You can create a postcard by making an offer. You send it out. You will know immediately whether it is working if people come in and present the postcard to you.

A postcard has all the ingredients of good marketing. It’s concise and easy to read. It allows you to create incentives. It invites people to take action now.

In addition to these qualities, it is delivered every day. It’s reliable. The post office is a branch of the US government. It’s not going away anytime soon.

2. Postcards are fast

It can take years to establish your business brand or image. A newspaper ad may take as many as 6-10 views before it sticks in the reader’s mind. Postcard marketing is the simplest form of direct mailing.

When you create a post card promotion, put a deadline on your offer. Send it out and see the response. If it doesn’t work, try a different offering. You get an almost immediate response, especially if you ask the customer to use the postcard when they call or visit your business.

3. Postcards are low cost

Obviously, the cost of a 1st class postcard stamp — 23 cents — is cheaper than a first class stamped envelope. But it is low cost for other reasons.

You have no envelopes to stuff.

You can do postcards yourself. You can buy postcard stock at your local office supply store. Most computers have software programs for creating the postcard format. You can do this yourself without a great deal of time and effort. Follow the basics ingredients of a good ad and you’re set to go. You have no expense with a printing company.

4. Postcards are versatile and flexible

Your yellow page ad can be a great ad. But you have one time a year to make changes. If you make a mistake, you pay for it the whole year. Postcards are much more flexible. If one doesn’t work, you can do another.

You can use postcards for many purposes. To get a boost in sales, you can use postcards to make special offers to your customers. You can use postcards to keep in contact with your current customers so competitors don’t steal them away. You can use postcards as a lead generator for new prospects. You can use postcards in conjunction with other forms of marketing in a follow up process.

5. Postcards get attention

The biggest challenge you have with marketing today is getting people’s attention. With over 3000 advertising impressions hitting each of us every day, you need something that gets people’s attention.

Unlike a letter, there is no envelope to open. No time consuming effort. You pick up a postcard and turn it over. You can read it in a matter of seconds.

That’s exactly what other people do. Unlike many letters that immediately end up in the circular file, postcards get read. People are curious and they know it will only take a few seconds to read the postcard. Study your own behavior next time you get a postcard in the mail. Ask yourself, would you like customers and prospects to give the same attention to your postcards?


I hope this article has given you enough reasons to look again at postcard marketing as a powerful tool in your efforts to make more profits. Don’t let the simplicity of postcard marketing fool you. Many companies have used postcards as their only means of marketing to build very successful businesses. Take another look at how postcards can be used effectively in your business.

This article has provided the benefits of using postcard marketing. If you would like Free step by step information on how to create your own postcard, email me with the subject “Postcard Marketing.” I will send you a Free Report.

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