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———————————————————————————— Title: Protecting Your E-books Files
Perkins Failsafe System for Protecting Your Fame and Fortune ————————————————————————————

Three years ago I was giving my first E-book keynote speech before the Arizona Book Publishing Association, when one of the esteemed publisher members asked me a very pointed question.

“What happens if someone steals your file and sells it or gives it away all over the Internet?”

Until I was asked that question I thought I was Sutter striking gold in California.

“How do you keep people from stealing your work?”

Beads of perspiration formed on my face and hands. I had cottonmouth. This is a bad dream. Why didn’t I think of this before?

My mind immediately regressed to conversations with other professional speakers relating horrifying incidents where they discovered their “signature story” was being retold.

I thought about the many times I heard professional speakers telling Dr. Charles Jarvis’s special Little Bird story without giving credit to Dr. Jarvis

I wondered how much easier it would be to take the Little Bird story as a file formatted in a common program like Microsoft Word for windows and then spread it to many thousands or even millions of people through e-mail.

Do you think that can happen? I think so.

Over the last 3 years many companies have become involved in creating encryption techniques that protect your e-book files from theft.

However, none of the encryption techniques are fail-safe. In fact many times when you download an encrypted book, the files are so huge and difficult to open that you end up canceling your order.

I was recently giving a teleseminar and an attendee asked a most common question.

The question was, “how to I keep someone from stealing my -e-book?

I decided to answer the attendee’s question with a question.

Why do you care if they steal your e-book?

She replied” Because I will lose money.”

That is when the light bulb went off in my brain. Companies that are spending all that money and putting in all that effort to encrypt e-books are throwing their money away. They are protecting people from opening e-books which really isn’t’ the major concern.

The problem is protecting the authors from the potential loss of fame and fortune.

Telling Dr. Jarvis’s Little Bird Story without his citation isn’t’ the problem. The problem is in the potential loss of Dr. Jarvis’s fame and fortune due to telling his story.

The loss of your e-book files represents a potential loss of your fame and fortune.

You lose no inventory if someone steals a digital file. Once you complete an e-book and post it on-line you automatically have 6 Billion copies in print. You have enough inventory for every man, woman and child on earth.

If one person reads your e-book and does not pay for it you may have one fan. If 100,000 people read it for free you may have a 100,000 fans.

A question I have is can you earn more money and have more fame with one fan or with 100,000 fans?

Over the last few weeks I have successfully completed the best e-book encryption system ever devised and it is yours absolutely free.

This Encryption system will allow virtually anyone to open and read your e-books, and yet this system will protect your fame and fortune.

————————————————————————————————— —The Perkins E-book Fame and Fortune Encryption System—Version 4.1 PEFAFES

Components of the Perkins E-book fame and fortune encryption system: PEFAFES

1. You need an e-book. An e-book can be 5 page or 500 pages long. You are the expert in your field. You get to call the shots on e-book size. You will advertise how to purchase additional copies of your e-book as well as how to purchase the Infoproduct mentioned later.

2. You need a tasty article. This article will be related to your e-book. The purpose of the article is to entice the reader to purchase your e-book. (Component #1)

The web address where article readers may find and purchase your e-book will be included.

3. You need an Infoproduct. An Infoproduct is an expansion of the article or extra information you forgot to include in your e-book. If your Infoproduct is exactly the same content as your article you may want to add special examples or additional Internet resources where web visitors may receive more information. Include many of the free resources on your own website. You will advertise your e-book price and your infoproduct price in the infoproduct text.

Here is your free copy of the revolutionary PEFAFES system.


Example of the Encryption System


For this example assume you are a public speaker who talks on the topic of “How to Win At Gambling”

You have a website titled ””

The title of your e-book is: 101 Winning Poker Strategies” Price $9.95

Create an article that you will post to major websites on the Internet. You will offer your article free to webmasters in return for a link to the description page of your book located on your website or a website that fulfills your e-book orders.

Title this article “3 Ways to Win at Poker.”

Let’s say your e-book title is: “101 Winning Poker Strategies” Price 9.95

Your book is loaded with references about you, your contact information and hot links to places on your website for more information about gambling and it includes references to your other e-books, consulting services and detailed contact information.

After you create your article “3 Ways to Win At Poker” with the usual 4 line author bi-line at the bottom of the page, create another file based on the article titled “3 Great Ways to Win At Poker.” Make sure you list resources, references and links over to your website or to more product pages and more information about you.

This file will be called your “infoproduct” or information product.

If you are lazy and just want to use the exact same file as you used as your free article, that is okay as well.

Once you understand how the encryption system works, you will understand how beneficial it is to allow people to purchase your articles.

Assign a price of $3.95 to your Infoproduct.

Now for a summary of what you have so far.

1. Article…used to market your e-book that you give away for FREE

2. E-book …which is your basic product. You will charge $9.95 each

3. Infoproduct that you advertise in your e-book selling for $3.95


Now here is the good stuff and this is why I make sure I format in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. I also keep all of my files smaller than 500 kilobytes in size to allow delivery via e-mail without the use of Zip files or other confusing helper programs.

My newest products are all text files that are small in size and can be read on any computer without any special software requirements.


You now have your encryption system in place


Picture this…At the current time, you are watching a 2-hour hockey game.

While you are watching TV an Internet surfer, Jack Sprat, locates your website article.

(1) Jack Sprat reads the article about your 3 gambling tips and thinks it’s great.

(2) He goes to your website and purchases your e-book for $9.95

(3) He loves it so much that he sends it to his whole “Gamblers Anonymous” data base with over one million strong. This takes place in the time span of one hour! Jack Sprat knows nothing about copyright laws. He is just so happy to share your expertise with his friends!

Over one million e-mail recipients receive the attachment but only 10% or 100,000 people read about your tips. The other 90% just hit the delete key on their computers. They are afraid of opening any e-mail attachments.

Over 100,000 read your e-book for free and 10% or 10,000 readers are so moved that they decide to click on over to your website and purchase your “Infoproduct” for only $3.95 each.

(Remember that your infoproduct is your free article with a price tag on it.

Your gross sales for one hour’s work = $39509.95

(1) 0 X 100,000 = $0.00 Your E-book Sales
(2) $9.95 X 1= $9.95 Jack Sprat’s E-book sale
(3) $3.95 X 10,000= $39509.95 Infoproduct sales

You made $39509.95 in one hour. Since your E-book ordering system is on automatic pilot, you never talked to a single customer or took product out of your inventory.

You are halfway done with the hockey game and haven’t even turned on your computer.

You also have 100,000 People talking about you at this very minute.

Are you excited yet?


Your fame and fortune encryption system continues on…


Remember those 10,000 people who paid $3.95 for the special report after reading your e-book for free?

One person out of that group, Sylvia Wiss is the only dishonest person out of the 10,000 . She purchased the special report for $3.95 and decides to send your $3.95 special report to one million of her friends. She sends it to the “National Association for the Preservation of Gambling” …one million strong. Sylvia too, is Internet savvy and blasts out your Infoproduct to a million people in only one hour.

Like in the above example only 10% of the group or 100,000 read it. The rest consider it Spam or e-mail that should be deleted. 10% of that group or 10,000 love your Infoproduct. They love it so much that they purchase your featured e-book that was advertised in the Infoproduct that was just stolen. Remember your “101 Winning Poker Strategies” Price 9.95?

Sylvia’s efforts have resulted in 10,000 E-books, selling at $9.95 each, which equal $99,500 plus the original $3.95 sale of the Infoproduct to Sylvia Wiss.

Congratulations to your top salespeople!

Jack Sprat ‘s efforts created $39,509.95 in total sales. The total time elapsed is only one hour.

Sylvia Wiss brought you $99,503.95 in a time frame of one hour Your total sales for the day: $139,013.90 The total time that expired during this process is just two hours

I wonder how much money you will have earned in the next 40 hours?

There is one more question I will leave with you to think over. At what point do you contact an attorney and ask about copyright violations by Jack and Sylvia?

While you are thinking that over, I am going to see if there is anything else I can watch on television.

My E-book Fame and Fortune Encryption System is still operating.

Good luck.

Resource Box

Wayne Perkins, “The E-book Marketing King”
“A Cheap and Easy Guide To Self-publishing E-books”

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