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By Trina L.C. Schiller

When subscribing to cable or satellite television, most of us select a programming package based on the channels available that are to our personal taste. Some people prefer Showtime to HBO, others can’t live without ESPN, MTV, or the Weather Channel. Whatever our preferences, we have a choice as to the services we subscribe to.

Imagine adding a new channel to your TV… This channel though, runs in the background, alerting you to new content, so you don’t miss out on anything and you don’t have to keep tuning in to the channel to check if there is anything new to see. This channel will let you know the second there is new news. And it will let you view additional channels that are available, rather like having access to all of the Discovery Channels for one price.

Not only that, but this channel will also allow you to privately, securely and instantly communicate with others. And to put the icing on the cake, you could subscribe to this channel for free!

Does that sound too cool or what! That would be worth having right? Especially for free…

Now apply that whole concept to your computer. Use your computer to subscribe to that channel. You can. The channel that I am referring to is an RSS based system that does all of those things, and more, for you, and at no charge. Just click to open and click to close. It’s actually easier than using the TV remote.

Where can you get this? Only one place…

This system is only available through Quikonnex publishers. No other RSS based system has this capability. There is nothing else like it available, anywhere. Why? Because the programmers at Quikonnex are visionary. They were into RSS before it was cool. They are lightyears ahead of the pack.

This is an RSS tool that will support ezine publishing and distribution, private membership communications and training areas, interdepartmental exchanges… it will even handle your podcasting needs. It is like having your own Internet TV station!

You can even use this RSS tool to interact with family and friends, all over the world! It is an awesome way to share photos, videos, and “hi how do ya dos,” with everyone you know.
RSS is the future of online communications. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Even Bill Gates knows it and has gotten proactive in developing an operating system that integrates RSS.

So what’s this awesome RSS tool called? (I thought you’d never ask.) It is called DeskView. Get it, because it is one RSS tool you’re not going to want to be without.

The following two DeskViews are currently available for download, with many more to come…

The Trii-Zine Ezine
AdsOnQ : Article Distribution and Syndication On Quikonnex

About the author:

Trina L.C. Schiller is a professional network marketer, the publisher of the Internet marketing ezine, “Trii-Zine” and owner of TLC Promotions, as well as a founding publisher at, and President of, the Internet’s first syndicated advertising agency.
She has also authored the following ebooks:

“Your Beginner’s Guide To Syndication”

RSS, Blogs and Syndication… The Facts vs The guruese”

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