Save Time & Sanity With Virtual Assistants

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One of the great things about the online world involves the
fact that you can find software to help you accomplish
virtually any small job you can imagine, especially
repetitive, mundane or boring tasks.

Since the Internet makes it possible for software
developers to easily avoid the astronomical costs of
traditional distribution through stores and catalogs, an
explosion of highly specialized, time-saving software
applications has occurred online.

The bottom line: if you can think of and perform a
repetitive job or task on your computer, a real possibility
exists that a small software application can help you do
the job better, faster and cheaper.

** Automate Repetitive Tasks

Qualifying as a virtual “Swiss Army Knife” application, offers a very versatile program enabling you
to automate various tasks, such as: repeatedly typing the
same “boilerplate” text in emails and documents; formatting
text with certain font sizes and page breaks; opening
various files when you first turn on your computer;
applying a complex set of filters to a set of graphics in
PhotoShop; much more.

Commonly referred to as a “macro,” takes a
type of software application previously reserved for
“computer nerds only” and puts it in the hands of everyday
users, allowing them to automated tasks that used to eat up
valuable time.

Though it takes a bit of time to train the program to
follow your directions, the end result seems well worth the

As soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll find your self
automating job after job and wondering how you got along
before without this handy little utility.

The only downside of the program may appear in its price of
around $99, but the time saved makes the cost extremely

** Remembering Passwords helps you remember all your various passwords
for membership and password-protected sites on the web.

One of the biggest timewasters I can think of involves
trying to remember or find a username and password for a
particular website.

Now you automatically and securely remember the access
information for virtually any password-protected site on
the Internet.

Unlike Gator, another popular password utility, doesn’t harass you with advertising nor does
it have other “spy-ware” privacy connotations.

Sorry Netscape users, only works with the
Internet Explorer web browser.

** Stop “Spam” Before Downloading

One of the most time consuming tasks online involves wading
through the piles of spam that threaten to bury you on a
daily basis. makes it possible to spot spam and delete it
prior to downloading it to your computer.

The program also allows you to set up rules to
automatically identify friends as well as “blacklist”
spammers and messages.

An excellent feature in the program allows you to “bounce”
the email you receive from spammers, which makes it appear
your email address has gone bad.

Some spammers will get this “bounce” and automatically
remove your email address from their list never to hear
from them again.

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