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I’m sure you find spam just as frustrating and annoying as I do. So I’ve done some investigation in how to report it to get these people hopefully in a bit of strife! And put spam to an end or at least lessen it 😉
You see, I actually didn’t realize for a while I was actually making the situation worse. You ever receive those spam emails where you KNOW for sure you NEVER signed up to receive their emails and then they provide an unsubscribe link down the bottom?
Anyways, here I was clicking the unsubscribe button on all these annoying spam emails thinking I was getting my email address removed from their database where all I was doing was confirming that my email address was active and I was reading their spam emails.
Here is how YOU can report these spammers (and hopefully lessen the amount that drifts in and out of our inbox’s every day).
Report Spam Here:
It will show you how to get the details and IP addresses of the spammers to forward to SpamCop in order to file your report against them. Please make sure before doing this, that the email you report as spam “really” is spam and not something you joined on to receive. It’s just as bad to falsely accuse someone of spam just as it is to receive spam!
Make sure before you join anyone’s mailing list that they have a privacy notice that allows you to unsubscribe at anytime you wish. And states clearly they will not rent nor share your email address with any third party.
If you find this information helpful please feel free to forward it on to your friends. They can join my mailing list simply by sending a blank Email to

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Join my mailing list simply by sending a blank email to (And yes you can unsubscribe at anytime and I will not rent nor share your email address with any third party, spam annoys me just as much as it annoys you)

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