Stop and Go Marketing

and ENERGY go hand in hand. Stop and Go marketing says what it is. We go out to market for time periods and then we get busy with our work and stop marketing. Here is the problem with that. Using the example of a funnel filled with clients and business contacts, when we stop marketing the funnel becomes empty over a time period. When the clients dry up we go back to our funnel, which is empty and once again, we panic and rush out to market.

Are you familiar with the word and concept of retention? It means keeping your current clients rather than losing them and having to find new ones. It costs a company quite a bit less to keep a customer than it does to go get a new one. With marketing your business, it takes quite a bit less energy to keep the flow of contacts and clients coming through the funnel than it does to have the funnel empty only to begin again.

Here is a great example of a metaphor that we experience everyday. I was on the way to my hair appt this month. I chose to take the side roads rather than the freeway. I noticed with each block I had to either take my foot off the gas and slow down to yield or I had to come to a complete stop. In any case, I was using more gas to get moving again. At each stop I noticed two types of moving forward. I could either push on the gas slowly to continue or I had to peel out to beat the traffic. Either way I had to start again from a stop. Had I taken the freeway (after rush hour) my drive would have been consistent and I would have used less gas. Or, in marketing terms, less energy.

Are you marketing…
* on the side roads or
* the freeway?

Consistency will keep your marketing funnel filled and you will have more energy to put into your business.

There is a perspective and a truth to a statement I heard from a successful business owner. Marketing is your job. What you “do” is the cherry on top. What he’s saying is this. When you are not out “doing” your business, you should be marketing. Keeping that focus, your funnel will be filled and you will not experience Stop and Go Marketing.

There are many other reasons we stop our marketing. Here are a few from entrepreneurs like yourself.

* I don’t know how.
We can actually stop marketing for a while and then we think we don’t know how. This reaction can stem from the next bullet point.

* Fear.
If it’s been a while since we have marketed that ‘freezing up’ syndrome can creep back in. TRUST yourself — you DO know how!

* Frustration.
It’s not working. Have you tried something for a while and it
doesn’t seem to be working. That’s what marketing can be — a
trial and error with our services and products. After a while you will learn what works and what doesn’t with each piece that you offer. Once you find what works, STICK TO IT!

* No Time.
We’re working so hard and such long hours, there is no time to get out and meet new contacts. Suggestion: Create a short block of time to address envelopes to previous clients. Put stamps on them with your return address label. Have your note cards next to your envelopes. Take a break and jot a quick handwritten note to say hello and send it off. You have continued your marketing and keeping your funnel filled.

* I don’t have a plan.
Part of planning is having a plan that fits your style. Not everyone works well from Structured Plan A. You might need a more creative plan. Something fun that will keep you motivated and focused. That is the key, motivation and focus along with a plan that fits your style.

Let’s summarize.

Stop and Go Marketing…

* Drains our funnel of contacts as well as our energy.
* Creates reactions of: I don’t know, Fear, Frustration, No time, No plan

Consistent Marketing…

* Keeps our contact funnel filled which gives us a nice flow of customers and income
* Keeps the negative reactions away and promotes energy

Remember, we all need to market in order to have a financially success business. It’s your choice on how you want to market and what type of approach and plan will help you succeed with ease, energy and excitement.

About the author:

Beth Woodward, CPCC, is the creator of the popular Marketing On The Playground Program, and the “My Way” Marketing Plan. Find out more about how to market “your way” and sign up for monthly Marketing Tidbits at

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