Stop trying to SELL and Start trying to HELP!

A New Mindset to Starting and Building a Home Based Business
By: Corey Bachmeier

One fatal flaw that I see when people begin a network marketing business is that their thoughts often focus on two concepts:

Who can I get to join my business?
Who can I get to buy my products?

Right from the start these people come across as being in a defensive and persuasive mode trying to get people to try their products and join their company. I know because when I first started my business I did the same thing! After a while I found that this method simply did not work, so after extensive research and experimenting I made a decision to change my thought process from a selling perspective to a teaching and educating perspective.

What am I teaching and educating you may ask?

I mentor and teach my team and prospects skills such as:

1. How to develop time and financial freedom.
2. How to set goals and achieve them.
3. How to successfully be the CEO of their
own business from home.
4. How to become a successful business mentor
to others.
5. How to easily spread the word about our
company and its products.

You can see how people would be more responsive to what you have to say when they are not being sold something, but rather they are being shown how they will be mentored and helped in building a successful business.

I am going to help you vs. I am going to sell this to you. Which one would you be more comfortable with?

“I have the vehicle for the success of hundreds and thousands of people worldwide
who are looking for something better. I have the ability and tools to educate and mentor people to success that they never dreamed possible.”

Stop trying to persuade people to join your company, teach them how you will help them succeed with their goals, and by doing so, YOU will be on your way to all of your goals!

About the author:

Do you need someone to mentor you in business success? Corey Bachmeier has developed a successful system to help motivated individuals who are interested in building a successful home based business. For a free introduction to his company check out his web site at:,or he can be contacted by phone at 612-325-7773.

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