Stop Branding Your Products and Start Branding Yourself!

Branding has power. Real power. A power that you can
measure. But for those of us who have the dream of
creating our own Internet Empire from our home cubicle
or kitchen table, the Real Branding Power comes not
from branding your business or product, but from
Branding Yourself! Branding “You” (a phrase borrowed
from Rick Beneteau) is a power that you can’t afford
not to understand and use.

“Branding Yourself” is the application of certain
techniques which will help you gain popularity on the
Internet by making yourself well known, maybe as an
Expert in your field. When people recognize you as an
expert you will gain popularity by means of more free
publicity than you can imagine. Picture seeing an
article written mentioning your name as an authority on
Marketing or mentioning you for nothing more than
quoting something you said. The point I’m trying to
make is that you are seen as an Authority or better
put, a “Personality”. Now, try to fathom thousands or
even hundreds of thousands of people seeing you in the
same light. This is what successful Self-Branding is
all about. You don’t need to necessarily be an expert.
You just need to be seen, heard and talked about.

How do you Brand Yourself? There are many techniques
and methods, but it can be as simple as a hidden
personality trait, a nickname (maybe something like
“Wild Bill”), or helping others by consultation or
assistance. You must look for ways to literally become
a Celebrity in the eyes of the world or at least a
small, select part of it. It could be by getting your
name known as the “guy/gal who had the answer or made
the comment”. Is that all there is to it? Of course

The one thing I am slowly and surely learning about
marketing on the Internet is that you have to build a
name for yourself before people will trust you and
trust your products. Trust is a big issue on the
Internet. Can you blame people? The Internet is overrun
with rip-offs and fast-talking scam artists. Their
whole existence is centered on the sole pursuit of
relieving you of your money for a product with lots of
promise and no result.

I recently purchased a book by Rick Beneteau, called
“Branding You and Breaking the Bank”. Now you might
think that Rick had some kind of big money backing him.
“Sure”, you say, “that’s the only way to get into the
big time”. Well, let me tell you Rick started out a few
years ago from the very bottom. The one thing that he
understood that many of us don’t, is that you must
Brand Yourself, whether it’s as an expert in marketing
or the guy next door who’ll help you out with a
problem. But, one thing is for sure; Rick knows how to
do it. Would you like to learn more about Personal
Branding and how to get your name known and respected?
Learn how to get thousands of dollars worth the free

Is this a recommendation for a product? I have to say,
without a doubt “YES”! But I am so thrown back by this
book, that I simply had to write an article around it.
Many of you may have read some of my articles, and I
know that some of you read them religiously (thank you
very much). Those of you that do, know that I do not
write articles supporting products in this manner. I
may have mentioned a product in the process, that’s
part of the Biz. But, I cannot stress enough the
importance of “Personal Branding”. I wholeheartedly
support and recommend Rick’s Book, “Branding You and
Breaking the Bank”.

This Powerful new book puts YOU on the fast track to
becoming an Internet Celebrity. Not only does Rick
teach you step-by-step how he did it; he also asked
many of the top Internet personalities to share their
success secrets with you. If you’re at all serious
about achieving success on the Internet, you need to
start Branding YOU and Breaking the Bank!

Do yourself a favor. Check It Out!

I’ll be e-Seeing you Soon

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