Teach Me: Fun Books for Kids with the Purpose of Learning

Learning is a wonderful thing. My mother always told me that children are like spongesyou can teach them just about anything, and they usually remember it. Here are a few books your children can absorb.

THE ABCS OF FOOD: A Study of Food as History, Story, Tradition and Nutrition by Louise Ulmer and Richard S. Calhoun published by eBooks on the Net (http://www.ebooksonthe.net) is a delightful book where readers can search from A to Z for all kinds of foods and spices. This book is a dictionary/encyclopedia/guide, and it is fabulous. Readers can also find out how to pronounce, collect information on, and make specific foods. This book will keep you busy for days, weeks, even months. Teri Sloat’s FROM ONE TO ONE HUNDRED published by Scott Foresman Publishers is a wonderful book, designed to help children count to 100. There are more than 2,500 eye-appealing objects arranged so each page drips with fun characters and brilliant color.

More wonderful books my children and I have recently read include ON BEYOND A MILLION: An Amazing Math Journey by David M. Schwartz. Children will be proud of themselves when they realize just how high they learn to count. This book was designed almost as a comic strip stylebook because of the text set in balloons. Readers can easily learn the English number system taught to them by multiples of tenpublished by Random House: Dragonfly Books. MY SPIRITUAL ALPHABET BOOK by Holly Bea and published by HJ Kramer: Starseed Press was a treat to read. The bubbly illustrations and vivid text will fill kids with laughter. Not only will the children reading this story, learn the alphabetthey will also learn the changing of the seasons and the importance of Gods gifts.

For a fun book your children will just love. Try FROM LETTER TO LETTER by Teri Sloat. Each page is a different letter of the alphabet. Children will enjoy searching the pages for items that begin with a specific letter. Along the bottom of the page, Teri Sloat includes the whole word, giving the reader an extra method of learning that specific letter. Those interested can find this book at your local bookstore or through Puffin Unicorn Books or online at Sloat’s webpage http://www.terisloat.com.

As an adult, I know that my mother was right, and I, too, tell my children the same exact thing. In Illumination Arts’ April release, INSIDE OUT, a little girl named Karly learns the same thing from a spirit who comes in the form of an invisible friend. This book with dazzling illustrations by Roberta Collier-Morales was a pleasure to read. Get your copy from Illumination Arts.com.

In case you didn’t knowpaper format isn’t the only way to find high-quality books from talented authors. Books on CD, as download or on diskette, known as eBooks or electronic books, are a growing popular form of book readingespecially for children’s books. Why? Because publishers are now able to add movement (animation) and sound clips to their books. Children don’t only read eBooksthey interact with them.

Remember, just because some books are electronic (e-book) books, doesnt mean they arent fantastic! Open up an electronic book today and get to know some talented new authors.

Off the Top of my Headtalented childrens authors to check out:

Daisy Dexter Dobbs, http://daisydexdobbs.home.attbi.com

Moses Cramden, http://beam.to/2084

Dorothy Thompson, http://www.thewriterslife.homestead.com/theworksofdorothythompson.html

JV Harlee, http://www.geocities.com/ladyjiraff/jvharlee.html

Valerie Hardin, http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/4266

Jennifer LB Leese is a 34-year-old mother of three from Maryland. She is a published author of several childrens fiction books, one young adult fantasy book, and a paranormal romance novel. Leese also freelances children’s non-fiction books for book distribution and packaging companies.

She reviews childrens books for several online magazines, including her own It’s Only Ink! Children’s Book Reviews, as well as for Fiction Forum, Preschool Entertainment, Gotta Write Network, The Best Reviews, and Midwest Book Review. Jennifer is also a freelance copyeditor for Writers Exchange E-Publishing, as well as for individual authors and publishers. Leeses experience comes from the above as well as from her published books and articles, and from her professional book reviews and columns.

As half of JV Harlee, Leese writes gothic, fantasy novels for teenagers with published author Valerie Hardin. Their first book is “Gargoyle Tears”.

Leese lives in Maryland with her three children, Nicholas, Cameron, and Jordan. She volunteers regularly at her children’s school where she heads the Bester Elementary PTA as Vice President. Married fourteen years to the love of her life, Jennifer knew she would marry Thom the moment she laid eyes on him.


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