The Complete Guide To Spotting Computer Spies & Recording Devices

Can you be absolutely sure, that your activity isn’t being monitored and recorded right now, while you’re reading this?

The problem with many people is, because they’re alone in a room with their computer, they think that no body can be watching.

If only they knew how easy it is to plant a computer recording device or software recording program onto a computer, they wouldn’t feel so safe.

Whether you’re a total computer newbie or a seasoned Internet veteran, everyone needs to know how to protect their privacy using the right anti spyware tools for the job.

In this article, I will show you how to easily spot a computer recording device or detect spy software using specific anti spyware tools.

It’s really quite simple if you know what FREE anti spyware tools to use.

Computer monitoring devices come in two main categories, Hardware Key loggers & Spyware Software:

In this article I will address each of these categories and give you the best anti spyware solutions available, to spot and prevent them from spying on you

Hardware Key Loggers:

This type of Key Logger requires that the perpetrator have physical access to your computer.

Key Loggers can easily be installed in less than 5 seconds.

It doesn’t matter if you use your computer at home or at work. If anyone has access to your computer they can install one of these devices without knowing a thing about computers.

If you want to see pictures and read up on this type of product, here is the URL for probably the most well known hardware Key Logger on the Internet:

Once installed, a hardware Key Logger will capture every keystroke entered into your keyboard and then store it for future retrieval on the device itself.

Some hardware Key Logger companies boast a two-million keystroke capacity!

That’s about 5 years worth of typing for the average computer user.

Whether at home or in the office, you can easily fall victim to this type of spying. A hardware Key Logger is installed between your keyboard and computer.

Removal of Hardware Key Loggers:

There are no anti spyware tools available for this except you’re own two eyeballs. By taking a peek behind your system and following your keyboard cable, you can find out if there is something “odd” inserted between your keyboard and computer.

To remove a hardware Key Logger, you must shut down your system! You could cause damage your system if you attempt to remove the Key Logger while your computer is running!

Once your system is powered off, carefully remove the Key Logger from in between your keyboard and computer, and then plug your keyboard directly back into the computer. Make sure that it is plugged in completely and be gentle as the connectors are somewhat fragile.

It is very important to become an anti spyware enthusiast and check any computer you sit down at for hardware key loggers


Most everyone has heard of the term spyware.

Unfortunately the majority of people don’t really understand what spyware does and what kind of anti spyware tool is best for them.

Spyware itself is broken down into two categories.

Adware vs Spy Software


Adware (Advertising Spyware) is the most prevalent form of spyware. It monitors Internet activity to send targeted advertising to you as a consumer, or simply monitor your surfing habits to gather intelligence for companies who want to know what your interests are.

Adware is generally not a security threat, but can really mess up your computer when you try to remove it. Adware removal could cost you hundreds of dollars in repair bills even using the best anti spyware tools available.

Adware is written by “coders” who don’t care what happens to your computer should you try to uninstall their software using an anti spyware tool.

Their only concern is making money from the information they acquire from your computer use.

Adware infections often cause many to make a trip to the computer repair shop just to get their computer back into running condition.

Adware can get on your computer in a variety of ways. You may download free programs, a screensaver, or some music or video, and the adware tags right along with your download file.

File sharing on peer to peer networks has been one of the worst culprits out there causing the serious spread of spyware worldwide.

Adware Symptoms:

The symptoms of Adware are uncontrollable popups, unwanted extra toolbars, and drastically slowed down computer performance that can result in freezes or lock up. When this happens it’s time to get out your favorite anti spyware tool.

Tip: Music or File Sharing Can Be Dangerous: Never download ANYTHING from a website you do not trust, or can’t verify, that they are a legitimate download site. Many times spyware can be attached to the music or file sharing programs themselves!

Adware Removal Using Anti-Spyware Tools:

You don’t have to purchase an anti spyware tool for adware removal. I’m going to show you how to deal with an adware problem for free.

Unfortunately there are many anti spyware companies trying to profit from the spyware problem, so some of the anti spyware tools on the market today are very inferior “slapped together” products.

Some of these anti spyware companies do as much damage to a computer as the adware does. Many times all they want you to do is give them money. After all, how can you really know if they have done the job or not?

Some sneaky adware companies have even joined up with anti-spyware software companies and created a spyware removal utility that actually puts spyware on your system!

It’s unbelievable what some people will do for a buck.

The only anti spyware tool you need to use if you have adware on your system is SpyBot, which comes highly recommended by security experts.

And it won’t cost you a penny!

SpyBot is FREE…

SpyBot anti spyware will do everything the paid ones do and then some.

If you like SpyBot anti spyware you can donate money to the author, but only if you want to.

Here is the website for this excellent FREE anti spyware adware removal tool.

Spy Software…Are You Sure You’re Alone?

Spy Software is designed to silently record computer activity and then archive it for later retrieval, or stealthily send everything you do on your computer back to the intruder.

In my opinion, this type of spyware does the more damage to lives WORLDWIDE than any virus or adware product ever could.

Because spy software is so easy for anyone to purchase and install, now ANYONE who wants to find out what you’re doing on your computer can see everything.

The worst part is, spy software is virtually undetectable by most adware scanners.

Want to see what I’m talking about? One of the best known companies who sell this type of spy software is

Most Spy Software is sold to spy on other family members, leading to divorce and all kinds of grief.

The worst cases are when used by business associates or even those who are after your credit card information or passwords to your accounts.

I’ve got a firewall you say…

Many Spy Software products can bypass even the best firewalls.

A firewall will lock up your system and require you to give your permission for any software program to operate on your system.

Spy Software companies know this, and many have figured a way to bypass most firewalls and send your personal information right over the Internet to the perpetrators.

When your firewall is triggered to ask you for your permission to send your captured information, the spy software will actually alter the message your firewall uses to ask your permission.

Your firewall will now ask you if it’s alright for “Internet Explorer” or some application you’re totally familiar with to access the Internet.

Of course you will click yes, and many times you will tell your firewall not to bother you when this program accesses the Internet in the future.

By clicking yes, you’ve just allowed the spy software to send your private information to the perpetrator(s).

Spy Software can be slipped onto your system via e-greeting cards, emails, Trojans or just simply physical access to your PC.

Spy Software Removal:

Whatever anti spyware tool you get, don’t spend your money unless you’re VERY SURE the product will do the job for you.

You wouldn’t get a virus scanner that only got some of the viruses would you?

You can use the anti spyware SpyBot for most adware related spyware and it will even catch some Spy Software products.

The absolute best product I’ve seen to detect Spy Software is SpyCop.

SpyCop does not… I repeat, DOES NOT focus on adware. Do not download SpyCop to deal with adware infections.

SpyCop is a tool that is totally dedicated to detecting Spy Software products and has the most up to date spy software database anywhere.

SpyCop will scour your system for over 500 spy software products

SpyCop has been tested and proven to work by the most ardent anti spyware experts.

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