The email blues

I wonder how people cope on the net who are making a living from selling their services to others. Do they get up like me at 6 in the morning and start sorting through the 2000 or 3000 emails they have got after submitting their site to a search engine software program. Or they made the mistake of putting their company email address in an article they just wrote and now have to sort through 200 miles of spam.

Yes I’ve made this mistake a few times lately was tired and forgot my golden rule whenever I submit an article to be published or subscribe to a mailing list use my alternative addresses. Well its not all bad news a funny thing happened to me the other day I used my hotmail address in an article and got a message that so and so wanted authorization for me to add them so I did . Next thing I’ve got these two obviously drunk ladies on vid camera telling me that they wanted some of my products but didn’t have any cash and would I be willing to trade . I asked her what goods she had and she then whipped out her breasts and said these . I said lovely product line you got there but I have to get my purchases approved by my wife as we are on a budget. Well anyway I wont go into details but lets just say I haven’t laughed so hard for ages .

Anyway im getting off topic here I promised in a early post that id talk about my experiences in trading on the net i’ve just gotten my first pay check from an affiliate I signed up with nearly two months ago and I was pleasantly surprised usually takes a few months for them to be paying what I consider to be reasonable returns. I’ve put some details about some of the programs I’ve joined since being an online trader . I think at last count I had tried close to 700 different ones . I put a couple of my top performers on my main trader site and well as some that don’t perform as well but they are worth having for the free exposure to a large audience. If you’d like to learn more then feel free to visit my site

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