The golden road

When I first started looking for a home business opportunity, usually after carefully observing the offer I emailed the company or the owner of the website, not just to get more info but to acknowledge there is a real person behind the website who will be there to support and guide me.
I can tell you that in most cases, either it took days and even weeks to get their answer or they did not respond at all accept for auto responders in some cases.

There was however a few of them who did respond and did it very quickly (less then 24 hrs usually).
The first thing I felt was confidence, my resistance and doubts where still there but they were getting weaker and gradually I became more interested and open to listen and learn about what they have to offer.

In most cases home business owners are like a car on a highway. They quickly rush to get to their destination and the faster the better. They are busy optimizing their site for better search results, looking for the next place to advertise their site in; checking conversion rate, statistics and so forth…
A simple thing like answering a prospect email becomes a hard task they prefer to ignore or get the job done by an auto responder.

Looking at my own personal experience, I noticed that my resistance and doubts were fading away when I was getting an email back. At that moment I realized that creating a rapport with a prospect is essential and fundamental to the success of any home business.

So how do you create a rapport with your prospect?
The first step is: understanding that your prospects are your gold mine and the internet is the tool which you use to reach them.
Your prospects are real people like you with dreams, desires and at the same time doubts, resistance and fears. It is vital to understand that they approach you in order for you to help them accomplish their goals and dreams.
They are your most precious asset and without them you can’t create a successful home business.
A simple action like responding to a prospect email has far more impact then you can imagine!
On the internet things happen much faster then in the real world. When an email is sent to you by a prospect a fast respond is needed. That kind of gesture lets him know his importance to you, and shows that you respect him.
Let him know that you got his message; write a simple email back telling him you are there, willing to guide, serve and help him. Be ready to answer any question and provide all the support you can when he asks you for it.
Remember: your prospects are people. They deserve your attention and respect. Create a rapport with your prospects and don’t forget to be patient and honest.

In conclusion:

It is true that Advertising, optimizing your site for better search results and all the other stuff are essential to your business. But you must understand that none of this matters if you do not create a rapport with your prospects. After all, they are the ones you build your site for. They look, buy and support you so be sure to give them back the same treatment.
Then and only then will you be walking the “golden road”.

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