The Importance of List Building for Internet Marketers

The golden rule of Internet Marketing is to build a huge list of opt-in subscribers. The money is in the list. You’ve probably heard that said over and over again. You keep hearing it because it is absolutely true. The bigger your opt-in list is, the more money you will make – it’s a proven fact that you should not ignore if you hope to be successful. There are numerous benefits to getting opt-in subscribers.

When a person makes a purchase from you, this is the time to start getting opt-in subscribers. You want to collect that email address. Otherwise, they will make their purchase, and happily go on with their lives – and probably forget all about you. You don’t want that to happen. You want to have the ability to sell future products or upgrades to them in the future – but without that email address, and without their permission to send them email, you’ve lost contact with that customer forever – unless you are lucky enough for them to remember you, or to find you again.

If you ask any successful Internet marketer what their most valuable business asset is, they will absolutely tell you it is their opt-in list. If their house was burning down, and they could only save one item, it would be their list, the backup disk that holds the list or the computer that has the list on it…but it would be the opt-in list that they would save! Many Internet marketers even keep their backup disk of their opt-in list locked in a fireproof safe. Some have the disk in a safety deposit box at the bank! If the list wasn’t so valuable, why would they go to so much trouble to protect it?

The bigger your list is, the more powerful you will become on the Internet marketing community. That’s right, there is indeed a pecking order, and he who holds the biggest list wins. That list will give you opportunities that you would not have without it. Other marketers will approach you on a daily basis to do joint ventures. Those joint ventures will typically have to do with your list – and their large list as well. When you have a big opt-in list, you make more money – with less effort. You won’t have to go look for deals or for ways to make money. The opportunities will be lining up at your front door.

Getting opt-in email subscribers is the key to making sales. It is the golden key to getting website visitors. It is how you communicate quickly with a very large group of people who are interested in what you have to say. As you build credibility with your subscribers, every time you make a product recommendation, they will go check it out – a large number of them will make a purchase.

You’ve probably heard about claims of people who work an hour a day and rake in tons of cash. Unfortunately, the business opportunities that offer you this are usually scams. But what if that was really possible? Wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Wouldn’t you love to just work one hour a day and make all the money that you need and then some? Of course you would.

Well, when you have put in the time and work necessary for getting opt-in email subscribers, and you’ve built a huge list, it is entirely possible, and there are Internet marketers who actually do this. They get up, they write an email for their list – usually giving great content or recommending a product or something of this nature (something that will make them money), then they send the email to their list. They are done for the day. They walk away from their computer knowing that they will make money simply because they sent that email to their list. Isn’t that a good enough reason to start getting opt-in subscribers for your own list?

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