The Key To Distributing Articles

So you have written a great article on your area of expertise, but how are you going to distribute it?

This is where many people fall-over in the article publishing business. If you create an article and put it on your site people aren’t just going to turn up and read it.

This reminds me of an old story I was told by a friend. When he was a child he decided to make chips and sell them to make some pocket money. He made the chips and set up the stall in his parent’s kitchen. Of course being young and naive, he didn’t tell anyone he just expected people to turn up! Of course they didn’t. The same goes for your article writing. In order to be successful, you must circulate the article.

The best way to circulate the article is to use one of the top distribution services and article directory services. For example:


These companies will either put your article up on their site, and due to the high traffic readerships of these sites you will gain extra readers. Alternatively if they are a distribution service they will email your article to lots of ezine and newsletter authors. They, in turn, will then email your article to all their readers. Obviously the article has to be of a high enough standard. Many of the distribution services have arrangements with other large article sites and will automatically submit your article to these sites.

One final tip to aid in circulating your article is to create an RSS feed. You can then distribute your article RSS feed and ping all the major RSS search engines. They will index your article and this again allows you to tap into many more readers.

I hope these tips help you in your article publishing.

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