The paradigm shift


By Wayne Hatfield

Where has MLM gone wrong? Why do so many people frown upon the industry? Yes, it’s growing, but not as fast as it could nor shining as bright as it can against the so called “traditional business.” Otherwise known as “WASTE YOUR LIFE AWAY.”

Another question is, why a 95% failure rate? Think about that. That’s insane, and why?

Network Marketing has the power to change lives. Only if the life utilizes it correctly. Which 95% of them don’t

It seems that there needs to be a paradigm shift in industry culture for a massive number of people to ever to make a living off it and change the way business is done in the free world.

This paradigm shift needs to be from the culture of “recruit everybody you can to your last breath!” to the product its self.

In other words, distributors of any company need to focus less on recruiting and bugging their friends till they join or commit suicide to the real movement of product into the hands of consumers out side of the MLM industry.

I’m talking about retailing. Now before you blow me off to continue your efforts at building a downline, listen to this


And why it competes the MLM picture.

*The reasons are simple. The first thing is that retail is the fastest way to create your first income. The downline takes time to build, but you can be making retail profits in a matter of days. Especially if you have an interesting and unique product that people want.

*If people under you start making money quickly, they’re more likely to stay with you. Most people will drop like flies form your team if they don’t make money in their first month. Sad but true. So teach the newbie in your downline to worry only about retail in the first month.

*Retailing is the “real world challenge.” If your product can’t stand up to people who couldn’t care less about MLM at that point in their life, then chances are, the product exist to make the money plan legal and that won’t carry the company fare into the future.

*You will make much more money per 100 people in a retail savvy downline then a recruit anyone downline because of all the external consumption going on. Not just internal.

*Retailing is like long term sponsoring. Sooner or later, someone who retails off you will come to a point in their life where change must occur and they’ll realize how much your product has helped them and may decide to join in your business instead of getting another dead end job. Another way to look at this. You’re getting paid to constantly remind these people of your business.

These people who join you down the road will be the strongest people in your downline because they have developed a love for the product and maybe a close relationship with you.

*And last, downlines that were built buy recruiting everybody around is like a house of cards. It can collapse at any time. The people in the group feel no sense of direction nor meaning and quit. Whereas if you have a downline that is very product and retail driven, it will be a much more sturdy team and will carry you fare into the future and in the end, can make you a fortune.

What I’m saying, is that retailing really is the best way to build a strong downline and incredible income in the future and a good income right NOW!

Yes, retailing is so important to not only your personal success but the industries’ success. You wonder why people out side of Network marketing frown at the thing? They see a bunch of people bugging a bunch of other people to join in something without much mention of the product backing it.

People need to see retail in this industry. “The products” Not just people chasing after other people.

They need to see all the great stuff you have on a web page or newspaper ad or you giving them a sample without being hassled to join something that they don’t really care about at that point in their lives.

At first, your downline will grow a little slower. The reason is that you’re building product driven people and a strong foundation. Not a bunch of people who know nothing but how to chase down others and brow beat them into joining.

However at the end of the day, you’ll have all those retail costumers looking for change and will come join you.

After you have done it all right, your downline will grow faster then most can only dream about. Before you know it, your downline will grow beyond the borders of many nations and many cultures and you will be their leader. All from your home. If that’s not amazing? I don’t know what is. Do it right, right now and reap the rewards later and make some good money in between.

When MLM first came out in the early 30s, the founders of these new types of companies were thinking of just adding incentive for the retailer to bring in more people to retail the product. Not have the industry chase its own tale by focusing on anything but getting people in. Like it does today.

If you want to take your business to the next level? You’d better get out there and show the product. If your company does not have a good retail site for you to duplicate or one that has a page on it begging the visitors to join the MLM then make your own.

Get on the engines and start looking into services that will help you. And unlike MLM of yesteryear, the Internet puts an ever growing audience in front of you that is so easy to reach and for you to show your product or products to. Not sly talk them into joining a business.

I love this industry and Hope this article has brought it one step closer to what many see as an essential paradigm shift in how things are done.

About the author:

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