The Power Of Thinking Small Online.

Patric Chan

I know what you’re thinking.

There must be a typo error, because everyone’s
talking about the power of thinking big online.

Obviously, thinking big is good. But do not
under estimate the power of thinking small.

Here’s what I mean:

If you want to make $100,000.00 in a year online,
is it easier to achieve it from one source of
income, or 10 online source of incomes that can
give you $10,000.00 each a year?

The answer? Both are correct. But I’d rather take
the second choice by thinking ‘small’ of creating
10 income streams from the internet to achieve that.

My justification?

It’s easier for me to create an income stream that
can generate $10,000.00 a year online for me than
thinking ‘big’ to create ONE income stream that
generates $100,000.00.

If I can create ONE income stream easily, what’s
stopping me from creating another 9 similar income
streams from the internet to make $100,000.00 a year?

You might disagree with me because you probably
say that staying focused on one income stream is
easier. That’s fair and I absolutely agree.

But, I’ll still choose to create 10 income streams
because my risk of failure is 10 times less.

Assuming I choose the first choice to make
$100,000.00 using ONE income stream.

What happens if I fail? Simple. I lose everything
in that one year.

But if I create 10 income streams, I can afford to
fail as much as 50% of my income streams and yet,
I’ll achieve 50% of success. Sounds ironic, yes?

Don’t get it wrong. I’m not preaching to be negative
of preparing to fail, but I’m preaching reality on how
to minimize risk to be successful.

Taking small steps is always easier than taking
big steps.

That’s why, when I wrote my book for self
improvement, ‘How To Make More Money Easily’,
it’s about thinking small, not thinking big.

It’s not for those who want to m.ake millions.

It’s about how ordinary people are able to make
an extra income each month easily. If they can make
some extra money from one strategy I teach in my
ebook, they can easily create 5 more income streams.

You can see it at:

After reading this article, please continue to think BIG.

BUT, don’t forget to think small as well when you
want to achieve success.

All the best.

To your success,

Patric ‘High-Speed Marketing’ Chan.


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