The Real Truth about – “How to Make Money on the Internet.”

You know… for a few years even I doubted that network marketing was a real business…

Sure, I read about how to make money at home and how easy it was to make money online.

Burning the candle at both ends…

listening to seminars that told me all about residual income, how to achieve the status of “network marketing professional”, reading e-books that told me how great life is at the top…

But – Hey… Hold On! How do you get there?

I’ve joined a business but my upline doesn’t respond to my questions… the company are ‘brain dead’ and I don’t know what I am doing exactly…

Is that how people make money on the Internet? Is that any way to start off in network marketing? Will that keep me in the business? It certainly did not.

Then along came another business and a support team that I never even contemplated could exist anywhere on the Internet. That was many years ago…

If I ever had any advice to pass on to people who are considering network marketing as a profession, then it would be to take a good look at what support is available, before even thinking about making money online.

Next, have a look at how the company is structured. Don’t ever sign up for anything until you have checked it out very thoroughly. How ‘open to scrutiny’ is the business you are considering? If there are any conditions before you have a look, run for cover and take your money with you!

Now… back to the subject. Is the ability to make money online for real?

Yes, it is. I would ask anyone to dispute that fact. So many are disgruntled by their failure in network marketing but how many actually stood the test of time and worked at it as hard as they would with a boss standing over them?

How many worked the same hours as they would in a job?

I can honestly tell you that not many do the above and most have higher “Online” expectations than the network marketing company can deliver, or the average person can hope to accomplish.

Building a downline is not easy but can be achieved with the right people duplicating your process and getting the right online support.

Network Marketing is the only way to produce a lasting residual income. To make money at home, without having to find the funds that would normally be required to pay you a similar amount each month from a large investment.

Why do people give up this ‘retirement plan’ so easily? Why do people work 40 plus hours a week just to pay the bills and yet do nothing to make money on the Internet and build a residual income for themselves?

Why is a process that takes 40 years to accomplish considered a ‘better alternative’ than a network marketing plan that can accomplish this task within 4-5 years, with a similar amount of work?

Yes, there are ‘scoundrel companies’ out there. That is why ‘due diligence’ is so important. How many people actually do any? Then they wonder why they are failing at it…

Would you buy something from someone that you couldn’t see, couldn’t talk to and had no visible representation, no credibility and no experience in what they were doing or trying to sell you? No, you wouldn’t, yet it happens on the Internet every day!

Yes, network marketing is a real business and you can make money on the Internet. It produces real full-time residual incomes for thousands of people worldwide but you must choose the right business with the right people and take the time to build your dream of Financial Freedom.

Every time you think of quitting, stop and look at the alternatives…

All people see, is what it is costing them. Does that ever amount into what you would pay for a franchise or alternative business? No, it does not. Whatever you may think of network marketing, it is still the only way that the ‘small guy’ can achieve financial freedom and success.

Millions of people are making their money from home. Do they need expensive premises and huge overheads? No, they make money online, on the Internet, working at home.

About the author:

Michael A Fowler, M.B.A. is the editor of the Internet’s premier work at home resource: Work from Home Journal.
An Online Trainer, Mentor and Coach, Michael has been helping people to succeed online since 1998. |

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