The Road to Success – A.C.T.I.O.N.

Without question almost every home business owner has
struggled with time management. Working from home has many
perks, but along with the perks come distractions.

Those distractions if left unchecked can destroy your
business. So, how do you find a balance between home life and
home business life?

In its simplest form, the answer can be boiled down to how you
manage your time.

Realistically, it’s about doing the right things when the right
things need doing.

Read that last sentence over again and really let it sink in.

Do the right things when the right things need doing.

That leads us to the next obvious question. How am I going to
know what the right thing to do is and when to do it?

The key to that answer can be found in the word ACTION.


You have to be consciously aware of what needs to be done. Take
the time to put a plan together for your business. A well
prepared plan gives you the ability to see if you are on track or
not. Not too many people would leave on a cross country road trip
without a map and a destination in mind. Along with that, most
people would have ideas on where they might stop along the way,
and a holiday budget. Why would you run your business with no map,
destination, ideas or a budget? Think about what your business
will need, where you want your business to go, and what you need
to do. Be AWARE of what needs doing.


Be committed to your business. Once again, the road trip holiday
can provide us with some ideas. If you left on a road trip holiday
with no plan, and weren’t committed to getting to a destination,
would any of your friends be surprised if you didn’t successfully
complete the trip? Of course not. Without a commitment to your
business, you will fail. Make a COMMITMENT and see your plan
through to completion.


Have tenacity to persist and see it through. Back to the road trip.
If you get a flat tire, do you give up and go home? Not likely, you
fix it and continue on. Don’t allow little things to stop you from
the big things you have planned for your business. Focus on your
goals and plans and be persistent. Have TENACITY and don’t give up.


Use ingenuity to find the workable way. When an obstacle appears,
pull out your road map (or plan), take a look at it and see if there
are other routes available that will keep you on track to your
destination. Seek advice from the locals (or other people in home
businesses similar to yours). Your ability to use INGENUITY will
directly affect your business’ success.


Use objectivity for an undistorted perspective. Take a break, a
breather, step back, clear your head every now and again to maintain
your objectiveness in making decisions for your business. Take a
moment to survey the lay of the land on your road trip, it will make
travel much easier. OBJECTIVITY gives you the ability to see things
in your business clearly.


Navigate a manageable pathway. If the vehicle you’re taking on a road
trip has marginal brakes, don’t plan a route that takes you through
the highest mountains!! Know what your limits are and what you can do.
Navigating a manageable pathway to your destination betters your
chances for business success!

There you have the home business keys to taking purposeful ACTION.

I’ll leave you with one final thought…

Energy without ACTION is power without purpose!

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Liane Wood is a stay at home mom and the owner of

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