..::The Top three reasons people Fail online!::..

Most people come online with the thoughts of getting rich
quick…And then fall flat on their faces! They get the get rich
quick virus, it’s quite contagious and extremely deadly to your
self esteem and your business!

You need to get rid of that virus by implementing, knowledge,
hard work and the right mindset, learn from other people’s
mistakes and understand why they have failed online, so that you
can avoid making the same mistakes, when you do make a mistake,
shake it off and get on with your life, take that mistake and
turn it into knowledge.

Here are the top three reasons why most people fail online:

1) Don’t have the money to start, or don’t want to spend it!.

You have to think that starting a online business is the same as
starting an offline business, when you start an offline business,
there are certain things that you have to be willing to pay for
if you want your business to succeed.

And the same thing goes for your online business, and if you’re
not willing to spend the money on these things then your business
will go nowhere!

A list of what you need is:
A great web-host (this is the lifeline of your business)

A good follow up system (autoresponders)

Knowledge (if you have to buy into a membership or course to
learn what it takes to build your business then do it)

You have to spend some money on advertising..(eZine advertising,
Pay-Per-Click or whatever)
(Just make sure you do your reasearch on what your fixing to join
or purchase!)

2) They give up before it get’s going!

This happens all the time, people come on line with the hopes of
getting rich, they join one scheme after another thinking this
one is going to make me rich, as soon as they receive another
email scheme, they jump on it..

This keeps going for awhile, untill they get so frustrated that
they just give up and say it’s impossible to make money online!
One of the reasons is that most people lack persistence and the
ability to hang in there when the going gets tough. If you lack
persistence, you will have a tough time making it online! (“If
you do make it”)

Here is a list of ways to help give your business a boost!
Do joint ventures with other marketers to grow your business.

Join forums, offer your help to people, get joint venture
partners(just don’t spam the boards)

Follow the steps of someone who is already successful online!

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake online, we’ve all made
mistakes, and will continue to, just make sure you learn from

Start an affiliate program!

Make sure you collect the names of your visitors and follow up
with them..

3) Lack of knowledge –

Knowledge is power, if you want to make it online you have to
learn all you can! And put what you know into action, use your
knowledge, don’t just let it set up there and collect brain dust,
anyone can learn if they really want to, you just have to have
the will, and the strive!

You will always be learning, there is always someone out there
that can teach you something or ignite and ol’ flame that you let
burn down.. all I can say is..learn, learn, learn!

If you stay persistant, learn all you can, and stay focused, you
can do anything and become anything..Want to be a guru? then do
what the gurus did…Work for it, give it all you got and learn
all you can and NEVER EVER give up!!

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