Three tips for Book Marketing Success

Have you ever heard the expression, ” the quickest way to reach your
goals is to help others reach their goals?”

I remember this expression and use it as my Internet book-marketing
plan. It has paid off with 3 best selling books for me in the past

How does it work in Internet Bookselling? Let me explain.

Websites generally have three characteristics that help them
consistently remain in the top search engine standings:

1. Websites must add and change their content often. (Once or twice a
day is perfect)
2. Websites must offer an e-zine or newsletter. The top websites
offer newsletters and e-zines that are delivered via e-mail every day.
3. Websites will usually have their own bookstore with an affiliation
or association with to allow visitors a method of
purchasing books that complement the information on the website.

Top websites spend a great deal of time and money to remain at the
top of the heap. Everyone wants to be there, but only a few can hold
down those top positions.

Understanding these three characteristics have enabled me to achieve
my goals by helping websites achieve their goals.

Step One: Search for the Big Guys on the Internet

I have two areas of expertise. I am a hypnotist who writes books and
e-books on how to achieve success through hypnosis. I am also an E-
book Marketing Consultant and write books on how to write and sell e-

In order to find top websites that may be interested in hypnosis, I
search on broader topics like “health” and “mental health.” For my
books on E-book marketing I search on topics like “Internet
marketing” and “E-commerce.”

Even though there are hundreds of search engines and thousands of
directories, I begin with searching on Yahoo. Yahoo is a directory
that is difficult to get into and even more difficult to maintain a
high ranking.

>From my own experience once I made the top of the heap in Yahoo,
under “hypnotism” my web traffic more than doubled and stayed that
way over the past three years.

Therefore, I conclude that the websites that arise to the top of
Yahoo will be much more highly visited than through other search
engines and directories.

Step Two: Help the Webmaster Offer More Content

Once I search under the two major categories that fit my topic, I
send e-mail to the webmasters at those sites sending along my article
or sample chapter.

I tell the webmasters I would appreciate posting my article for their
readers in return for a short bi-line or description on what I do and
a link over to, Barnes & or my own website in
return for the favor.

Most webmasters jump at the opportunity at receiving free content
that allows them to maintain the high rankings on their websites.

Step Three: Help the Website Newsletter Editor

The top ranking websites also sponsor their own newsletter or e-zine.
After contacting the webmaster about content added directly to the
website, I then contact the newsletter editor in regards to placing
an article or sample chapter in the newsletter.

Sometimes at the bottom of a sample newsletter there will be specific
instructions on how to submit articles. Many times there is even a
section on the website where you can post your articles directly to
the editor.

After following the directions in the newsletter, I submit my article
or sample chapter to the website newsletter editor.

I have just added more content to their website, again helping the
website increase traffic and at the same time direct interested
visitors to my book offerings located in the author’s bi-line.

Step Four: Help the Website Bookstore Make Money

Most of the time, you will find that the top websites also have their
own bookstore. Usually the Website bookstore will be an “associate of”

For example: You search on the keyword “health” on Yahoo and are
taken to the top five health sites. Let’s call the top
website “”

After navigating around the website you find a bookstore
that offers many titles on a particular aspect of health you are
interested in. When you click on a book cover on that website, you
are immediately sent over to a book description page on

If you look at the complete link that shows up in your browser you
will see an URL (the Internet address) which looks something like

The two most important parts of the link are the ISBN number which is
the number called “ASIN/” which is’s identification
number, and the words following the book’s ISBN number which
is “/healthcom.”

“Healthcom” is the website’s Associate identification
number. This number allows the website to get paid for any sales that
result by someone clicking on the link and then purchasing the
featured book on

The next thing you do is shave off the number off the end of the URL.

Now the URL will look like this:

If your own book title listed on has an ISBN number or
ASIN number of 1585003557, what you do is insert that ISBN number in
place of the website’s featured book.

Now the URL will look like this:

That new URL is going to mean instant book sales for you.

Take your revised URL with your book ISBN and send a short message
via e-mail again to the webmaster of the website.

Ask the webmaster to feature your book on the website. Mention that
you are including the URL with the website’s Associate
identification number.

Within a few days you will begin to see a surge in your book sales as
a result of this technique.


By helping the webmaster add content, the newsletter editor offer new
articles and the website bookstore earn more money from by
adding your books, you are helping the website maintain a top ranking.

By helping the top websites achieve their goals you are driving
qualified traffic to your own website or to to fulfill
your goal of becoming a best selling author.

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Wayne Perkins is an E-book Marketing Consultant and author of the
best selling e-book, A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-
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