Tips on how to earn money with a home business

Jim Noel

Everyone wants tips on how to earn money with a home based business. It never seems to amaze me that a lot of people with a work at home business are not earning some money.

When I got to question a few of these people about why they are not earning any money, I found out why!

People, you have to do something to earn something! Just because you have joined a MLM or affiliate program, don’t think just by sitting back you will earn some money. NOT TRUE!!!

So I have tried to make it easy on these people by coming up with the necessary things you need to do to earn money from home.

If you honestly do these things, and still don’t make any money then maybe a home business is not for you. But you need to be honest about this and put out the effort.

1. When you first start with a work at home business, set out at least an hour a day devoted to your business.

2. Spend the first day advertising your business on the free classified websites, there are literally thousands of these sites to advertise on.

3. If you have a website for your business, then spend day 2 submitting your website to all of the search engines, Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL, etc.

4. Day 3 start submitting to ezines, this is a very good way to promote your business.

5. Day 4 start by writing an article to use in the yahoo groups. And with this article your can promote your website at the end of the article.

6. Day 5 submit your business to the various business message boards, there are lots out there that let you post an ad for your home business.

7. Day 6 you will want to start advancing up and checking for “Leads” that are interested in starting a home business. When you find a good source you will want to start emailing them. To do this you will want a good auto responder to handle the high volume of emails.

8. Day 7 you will want to start this process all over again.

You can do these steps in any order, but remember persistence is the key. Spend an hour a day for the first 30 days on these 7 items. Each day promote your business in a different way.

Within 30 days you will start to see the rewards of your work that you only spent 7-10 hours a week on!

Further more don’t expect to get rich overnight. The businesses offering “pie in the sky” so to speak do yourself a favor and stay away from those type of offers.

Do yourself a favor when you get involved with a work at home business. You owe it to yourself to give it an honest try. Nothing will happen, if you don’t do anything.

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