Top 10 Strangest eBay Items Ever Sold.

eBay can be a very odd place, given that you can sell almost anything you want. Here are the auctions we’ve picked as being the strangest ever.

#10 – Girlfriends: Some girls auctioned their services as ‘imaginary girlfriends’, who would send the winning bidder pictures of themselves and loving letters, which they could use to pretend they had a girlfriend
#9 – Wedding dress: Nothing strange about selling a wedding dress, you might think – but this was the guy’s ex-wife’s wedding dress. And he modelled it, as well as writing a long screed about his ex-wife in the description. It sold for £3,850.

#8 – TV part: Producers on the TV show Ally McBeal once used eBay to auction off a walk-on part on the show.

#7 – Kidney: One man tried to sell his kidney on eBay – after all, you only need one, right? Unfortunately it’s illegal to buy or sell human organs. Good thinking, though.

#6 – Toenail clippings: A girl once sold her toenail clippings on eBay, one clipping from each toe. She got a $1 for the set – a low price for the years of joy they no doubt provided to the buyer.

#5 – Britney’s gum: Someone picked up Britney Spears’ chewed gum at a London hotel and decided it’d be a great thing to sell on eBay. Oddly enough, they were right – they got $263 for it. A Britney fan probably has it framed in their house.

#4 – Ghost: Yes, a ghost. In a jar. Well, why not? The ghost was, apparently, ‘terrorising’ the man who owned it, and so he decided to capture it and sell it on eBay to someone who might be able to give it a better home.

#3 – Virgin Mary sandwich: A seller offered a grilled cheese sandwich upon which the Virgin Mary had appeared to her – and the strange thing is, she genuinely seemed to believe it. This item, unbelievably, sold for $28,000. Some people just have too much money to waste, don’t they?

#2 – Virginity: An 18-year-old British girl sold her virginity on eBay – but it was bought by a businessman who kindly agreed to give her the money without actually taking the ‘service’.

And at #1 – Fighter jet: A state brokerage in Virginia sold a U.S. Navy F/A-18A Hornet jet fighter on eBay for just over a million dollars. It was, unfortunately, in pieces and so unusable, but they offered to put it back together and make it ready to fly for the low, low price of just another $9 million.

Of course, when you’re buying expensive items – not quite as expensive as the fighter jet, but you know what I mean – you will want to get them for the very best price that you can manage. If you can master the dark art of eBay ‘sniping’, then you can jump in at the last minute and get items for only a few cents more than the bidder who was going to win. You can learn the sniper’s secrets in the next email.

About the author:

Kirsten Hawkins is an Ebay and internet auction enthusiast from Nashville, TN. Visit more great tips on how to make the most from Ebay and other online auctions.

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