Wake up Homer Simpson!

Wake Up Homer Simpson…..

An article by Gary Durkin
© Copyright 2004

It amazed me way back, and it still amazes me today. Just how many Homer Simpsons there are on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘The Simpsons’.
I’ve been responsible for a few ‘Homer-isms’ in my time, especially after I’ve had a few Duff Beers!

But nothing to the extent I have seen online (and off) over the years….. and I’ve seen a lot believe me.

Only today, I was with some friends and the conversation moved to ‘making money’ (as it does!). One of them announced that he had just invested in a fantastic scheme on the internet, which said he would make over $50,000 in next to no time, with a simple investment of just $250 – and he had absolutely nothing to do.

Some of you will be thinking, “Yeah, that’s sounds similar to the one I am with”…. Others will be thinking “IDIOT! Not possible”

For those who think it’s a good deal – you are HOMER SIMPSON.

For those who think it sounds like something you’re in – HOMER!!

For those who think he’s an idiot for getting involved – you’re Lisa Simpson.

The truth is, the internet holds no ‘magic bullets’. No secret ways of making a fortune, without doing anything or paying a dime.

If you think you CAN make a fortune, by doing nothing and spending nothing, then you really are Homer Simpson…… D’oh!

MTYH – “anyone can make a fortune online”
FACT – most people trying to make money, don’t. They get sucked in to silly schemes just like the one above, and get nowhere.

MYTH – “there are 500 Million people looking to buy online”
FACT – there are probably half a billion people with internet access, but they all don’t use it, they all certainly don’t want to buy things.

MYTH – “you don’t need to spend a dime to make money”
FACT – yes you do. Not necessarily tens of thousands of dollars,
but to be successful, you do need to spend even just a little.

MYTH – “once I’m in, I don’t do any work to make a fortune”
FACT – I can tell you for sure, that some of the biggest names around still spend upwards of 14 hours a day working to be successful online.

The truth sometimes hurts. You do need to work to earn. You do need to invest a little time and money to reap the rewards.

In the past, I’ve gone to the extreme of setting aside what I called ‘Idiot Money’. This was capital which I knew would be lost forever, and ventured into MLM programs, Pyramids, Gifting Schemes, Matrixes, and many others. I did this just to prove my point, there is no basis for anyone to say something doesn’t work, if they have never tried it themselves.

I’m sure not all the programs fail, or never deliver,

Here’s a little story to leave you with….. a true story…. Something I did a few years ago as a joke.
I ran an advert to a Safelist…. Like this:-


This REVOLUTIONARY new program is changing the way the GURUS think about internet PROFITS

BE THE FIRST (I am) and make a FORTUNE.

A BRAND NEW 0x0 (zero by zero) reversing, infinite matrix Gifting Program with forced spill-over directly into my account, is GUARANTEED to make me a FORTUNE.

Simply gift to me $100 to my account, then sit back, relax and do absolutely nothing (that’s just what I do).

I am going to make a pile of cash the size of my house from this.

Note – your $100 gift to me will be gratefully received – thank you. The more people who gift money to me, the more profit I make.

For more information on giving me money, contact…. XXXXXX

So… what did you think? Do you think it sounds interesting and something you could join? If you did…. Pack up your computer and return it to the shop where you bought it from.

Most (hopefully) all you are laughing, thinking that the Ad was complete nonsense and no-one would ever fall for it.

WRONG. Even though it was worded clearly, even though it was absolute silliness, I still had TEN people contact me, asking where to send their $100


Well, it’s true. Needless to say I did NOT take their money, I explained it was a joke, worded in such a way to prove clearly it was a joke.

After some thought, each of them went away feeling very silly.

Not everything in life is as clear as that. Not everything is what it seems.

Don’t get sucked into silly claims that fly around the Internet.

Think first……. Then think again.

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