Website Promotion Secret: How To Explode Your Website Sales

The secrets on how to send a floodgate of traffics to your website and explode your sales.

Why do hundreds of millions of people from all over the world have websites today which are not making any money for them?

They have tried many different types of website marketing, internet promotions such as search engine optimization and promotion, banner ads, ffa ads, e-mail marketing, link exchanges, e-zine ads but failed.

The one problem that all website owners or marketers and businesses have in common is the difficulty in locating the people who are interested in buying their products, programs and services.

Many people who claim to be internet marketing gurus have succeeded in luring people to their seminars where they charge them $1000 or $2000 or even $5000 to disclose their secrets of internet marketing.

But after attending the seminars and trying to implement the so called secrets of success in website marketing, these people have learned a bitter lesson that those so called secrets of website marketing don’t work.

The truth is that there are jealously guarded secrets to succeed in promoting your website so as to explode your sales and get rich.

But I am not going to charge you $1000 or $2000 or $5000 to disclose this secret.

If you’ve been doing different types of website marketing but not generating traffics or sales, there may be a number of reasons why.

First is that you’ve been probably marketing to the wrong customers.

You need to learn how to find targeted customers who really need to buy what you’re selling.

When you market to the right customers who really need your products or services and who are MOTIVATED, you’ll succeed in a big easy way.

The problem today is that most of the people who may need what you’re selling may be difficult to reach through e-mail marketing or on the internet.

Most of the people who really need what you’re selling don’t hang around on the internet.
They may have filters on their e-mail addresses so your e-mail marketing may not reach them.

They probably have very good paying jobs, where they spend 40-60 hrs weekly.

When they come back from work, they are too tired to get on the internet to look for whatever they need, so they may not be able to find your website.

But if they are motivated and do get on the internet to search for whatever they need, using a search engine like Google or yahoo or msn, they may get millions of websites in the search result.

If they can’t find you listed among the top ten or twenty websites, they may never know your website exists.

If there are 1 million other people trying to sell the same product or service like you, it means that your chance of being listed among the top ten websites is 10 out of a million.

You’ll be competing with 999,990 other websites to be listed in the top 10.

And even if you succeed in reaching the top ten ranking, you may not remain there too long because there are large companies out there who spend thousands of dollars monthly to be sure to remain listed among the top ten positions.

For the above reasons, 99% of the websites out there can’t make money by depending on search engine marketing or e-mail marketing alone.

Your website may be among the hundreds of millions in cyberspace not making any money for these reasons.

Therefore you may have to do offline marketing in order to reach targeted people who really need what you’re selling.

This depends on what type of products, goods or services you’re marketing.

You must know the difference between marketing and selling.

Selling is when you try to promote whatever you’re selling to everybody, including those who need it and those who don’t.

This is what 99% of businesses try to do and why only 1% succeeds.

Marketing is when you research your product or service in order to know who needs them, where to find them and how to reach them.

Therefore to succeed in your website marketing, you must learn the secrets on how to locate a good mailing list for your product or service.

You must learn the secret on how to use a broker to locate a responsive list of buyers for your product.

You must learn the secret on how to test the mailing list.

You must learn the secret on how to make these prospects open your mails to read about what you’re selling.

You must learn the secret of making more money from your customers list by marketing backend products to them.

You must learn the secret of database marketing which enables you to leverage your customers’ list.

Are you not yet tired of having websites that are not making any money or tired of making nickels and dimes?

Are you not yet tired of all the lousy website marketing secrets from the so called internet gurus (that don’t work)?

Do you have a website?

Do you sell any product, program or service?

Would you like to know the exact “secrets” on how to find hundreds of thousands and even millions of buyers for your products and services?

Would you like to get your paws on the exact “secret” on how to market any product to hundreds of thousands and even millions of people who really need them?

If you answer yes, I suggest you begin today to target your customers, and stop selling but instead begin marketing.

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