What is Gmail?

By Jakob Jelling

Like most other prime search engines, the ability to freely giveaway an email account is a positive tool that

signals to the user community that this search engine is here to stay! Google is no different in this

approach. Recently, Google has been beta testing Gmail. Google’s very own email services repository. Best of

all, it’s free! Well, it’s going to be free, its currently available only in Beta mode, if you are lucky

enough to have received an invitation to sign up for a complimentary account you currently enjoy the benefits

of ubiquitous Gmail.

Found at gmail.google.com, users were at a frenzied pace to secure the names and aliases that may be snatched

up once the floodgates were open. People are exclusively invited to partake in the beta testing were selling

their names and invitations for quite a handsome sum on eBay. Most users will have to wait until Gmail goes

live before actually trying it out. However with all the functionality at a price like this, how could anyone


Unlike MSN and Yahoo! Google’s approach to space was a little more liberal. Google provides 1000 MB of storage

space so you would never have to worry about limited space requirements. All messages are displayed intact as

well as the replies. Messages can be searched upon as well. Google’s approach was to give as much flexibility

to the user so the user in turn would use only Google.

Much like the anti-pop up ad theory of The Google Toolbar, there will be an anti-Spam product built into Gmail

that will help thwart out unsolicited email.

Currently, new users can ask for a preview address from Google, although there is no guarantee they will get

one. Interested parties should go to http://gmail.google.com/gmail/help/about.html and fill in their email

addresses at the bottom of the page.

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