What to look for before you purchase spyware software

Huge number of spyware software applications are available in the market, some being offered as shareware while rest as freeware. (Shareware means a software available for download / CD, and can be used for a particular length of time, usually 30 days. Some are disabled as well). Before making a decision to purchase any such software we should check the reliability and should consider various attributes possessed by them and then select the best and the most appropriate one. The various attributes that one should consider to be the most important when purchasing spyware detection and removal software are –

The spyware software should include tools to enhance the ease of spyware detection and removal. The software should be able to offer descriptions of detected spyware so we can determine whether or not to keep each item. The software should also have auto-update and auto-scheduling capabilities. Auto-update facility ensures that we never forget to download latest spyware definition file. Auto-scheduling ensures that the system is scanned for these malicious codes at a defined interval. This means that even is the system user has changed, the computer is still safe from these spywares. There should be “undo” capabilities in case we accidentally delete something we actually need, and many other features as per individual requirements. The product should provide real-time protection from spyware. In other words, the software should help us prevent spyware installation instead of just removing it afterward. The product should be effective at finding and removing the many different types of spyware.

The product should be easy to use. Its features should be user friendly avoiding any technical jargon, not so easily understood by an average computer user. The user interface should be pleasing to look at, and more importantly, should offer the ease of navigation. The product should be easy to download and install, it should be comfortable enough for running and us to get it up without consulting a book or a tech support person.

There should be a help section installed with the product and should offer easy to understand answers to our questions. There should be someone we can call for support, and the support staff should respond quickly to our email questions. With the right solution for removing and detecting spyware in place, you can keep your computer privacy protected and PC ad-free.

Few top most Spyware software are- Spyware Eliminator, Spyware Doctor, Spy Sweeper, CounterSpy, MS AntiSpyware, Ad-Aware, McAfee, Pest Patrol, NoAdware, Spybot S&D. Best Personal Firewalls are- ZoneAlarm, Outpost Pro, Sygate Firewall, Norton Firewall, Norman Firewall, SurfSecret, Windows Firewall, BlackIce, Injoy, McAfee Firewall.

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