What Makes Ebook Marketing So Promising?

Ebook marketing becomes more and more popular. Commercial web sites as well as non commercial web sites offer ebooks. Skilled people earn money online by writing and marketing of ebooks. Even people without writing experience can join this promising business.

What are the ingredients of success?

1. Finding a bestseller issue

The precondition of success is to find an issue that boosts the sale of an ebook. The most popular issues among ebooks are information “how to” solve a certain problem or how to acquire specialised knowledge. Popular issues are internet marketing, home business tips, financial advice, stock market tips, life style, health, weight watching. Issues of public interest also can be found among the most popular keywords and phrases in the internet.

2. You can make it or buy it!

It is very convenient to write an ebook, if a person owns the needed expertise in a certain field and enjoys writing. People without experience also can sell ebooks. They can sell popular ebooks as affiliates. There are offers, where persons can acquire and customize an already made ebook and propagate it under their names.

3. Quick access to the market

It always takes a certain time span to prepare a book, offline or online: An issue has to be researched and compiled, the book has to be written and enriched with pictures and graphics. This process can last between weeks and years.

The great advantage of an ebook to a conventional offline book is: Everybody can publish it immediately, if the needed equipment is available: computer, internet access, publishing software. An author does not rely on editors who decide about a publication.

4. Cross selling opportunity

An author cannot only earn money by selling an ebook, he or she also can display advertisements or affiliate links in an ebook. This is a striking advantage of an ebook. If an ebook deals with diets and weight watching, an author can place affiliate links to the related products and participate on sales through the ebook.

5. High profit margins

The profit margins of ebooks are high. There is no publishing and printing company needed. No paper and shipping costs have to be covered. An ebook can be sent directly by email as downloadable PDF-format to the end-user.

Marketing costs, however, are needed. The audience has to know about the ebook. The efforts to market an ebook might be similar to the efforts to promote a web site. A special marketing web site with an appetizing description about the content, some testimonials, and an authors bio has to be displayed. Advertising and mailings are inevitable to spread out the edition of a new ebook.

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