What You MUST Know BEFORE Publishing Your First Ebook

“.exe or .pdf, that is the question…”

Today I’m going to explain the different types of ebooks you
can create, the benefits and weaknesses of each type and
help you decide which is best for you.

There are basically two types of ebooks you can create, .exe
an “executable file,” or .pdf a “portable document file.
Don’t get confused by the technical mumbo jumbo. All you
need is to know the two names and the benefits and
disadvantages of each.

Of the two formats, my favorite is “.exe .” The biggest
drawback is that “Macintosh” owners can’t read ebooks in
this format.

If you’re going to be selling your information, you never
want to lose potential customers. However, in my opinion
this is the only big fault.

The biggest benefits are that there are many cheap and easy
to use programs that will create ebooks in this format.
Some have some very cool features and if you at least know
how to create a webpage you can easily create an impressive
looking ebook.

Ebooks created with .exe software are usually the same
quality as any page on the internet. They are very similar
to viewing a webpage in a browser. Most have back, forward
and home buttons which makes it very similar to your
readers’ browser.

The biggest benefit of .pdf files is that your work will be
able to be read on most computers, PC and Macintosh. This is
why when top internet marketers publish an ebook, they
almost always use this format.

I will always make a .pdf version of anything I plan on
selling since it just makes financial sense. However, it’s
not my favorite format to use because of the following

First of all, there is basically only one program that
creates .pdf files and about 4X the price of .exe software.
Your readers also need a special (reader) software to read
view your documents. The software is free and usually
installed on most new computers, but it’s a hassle to make
your customers download extra software just to read your
ebook. I also find .pdf files to be a little hard on the
eyes and out of focus.

The main software for creating .pdf files is Adobe Acrobat.
While you can create an ebook with the same features, I find
it to be a little harder to figure out. I admit that I am
not very good when it comes to the techie. So if you have
more technical computer experience than I do you might enjoy
Acrobat more.

The plus side is that Adobe Acrobat actually has more
features than most .exe publsihing software. If you’re
willing to devote the time and study the software it can do
some amazing things like leaving hidden notes for your

Besides creating an ebook in .exe or .pdf format, you can
always just create a collection of.html pages and place them
all in a folder to be downloaded. Create an index page and
link your other pages to it. This will allow just about
every computer user to access you publication and you don’t
even need any software.

Well, you might be wondering which software is right for
you? I would recommend investing the money in Adobe Acrobat.
It creates the one format that almost all computer users can
read. However it is very pricey, especially for
entrepreneurs on a tight budgets.

There is some very good .exe software that is much cheaper
and is a very good option for those with limited incomes.

No matter which you choose, I would create a publication
that Mac users could read. Create a version in .pdf and
.exe format so Mac owners can read your work and PC users
can choose their preferred format.

If you can’t create a .pdf version at least offer the
ability to download the work on a collection of webpages.
You might want to offer it at a discounted price so they
don’t feel cheated. Also be sure to put a copyright symbol
at the bottom of your pages to scare off plagiarizers.

If you search some JavaScript sites, you probably can find a
script that will prevent other people from viewing your
source code or copying your webpage text. This might be
helpful in combating plagiarism if you plan on offering a
folder full of plain .html files for download.

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