What’s The Best Network Marketing Opportunity For You?

Are you looking for a good network marketing opportunity? Want to tap into the secrets of Internet billionaires? Wish to be a top revenue maker? Then you should follow in the footsteps of successful marketers, and do what they do – find a network marketing opportunity that feels tailor-made for you.

But you should exercise extreme discretion while choosing your network marketing opportunity. Make sure you don’t waste your time, money and efforts. Here are a few ways to decide if a network marketing opportunity is right for you or not.

Look for programs that depend primarily on the actual value and need for the products – not on the “opportunity” for you to make money. In the latter situation, the program is often actually a pyramid device where the money is locked in by the company and a small group of upline distributors.

Like in any other market, you should take into consideration the normal dynamics of supply and demand. Beware if the program allows unlimited recruiting of distributors with no territorial protection or other provisions for preventing market saturation.

Review the products on offer and ask yourself if they can be sold in the market on its own merit without the network marketing opportunity. Make sure the products are consistent in quality and all health claims are backed by reliable research.

You as a distributor should be able to make a good income just by selling the products, without recruiting a single person. The commission paid by the company should not be so low that you have to recruit a downline to earn a significant income.

Make an informed decision. Ask the company to disclose the average payout to distributors by percentiles (highest 1%, second highest 1%, and so on to the lowest 1%) so that you can fairly determine your chances of success. Ask for the net payout after product purchases for all distributors, even those that are not active.

The company should offer an adequate support infrastructure to handle a temporary burst of volume. Are conferences and training programs, audio and video tapes, etc., free of charge (as is the case elsewhere for company sponsored programs), or are you expected to pay for them — as another revenue source for the company and upline?

Consider each of these points and take time to decide for yourself what will be the best network marketing opportunity for you to attain prosperity, independence and a secure future.

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