Why offline advertising is so important for websites

It is important that anybody with a significant online presence understands why offline ads are so important and more so why they are usually much more effective than online advertisements. This is very useful knowledge that will no doubt impact dramatically on the success and profitability of any online enterprise. More so when numerous businesses have lost significant amounts trying to advertise online and have ended up with virtually nothing to show for their efforts. Even the much-talked about pay-per-click ads have been hit by increasing click fraud in recent times. This is where software is created to continuously click at ads with the motive of landing the advertiser with a huge ad bill and no business. Other times the software has been used to profit webmasters who post the pay-per-click ads as affiliates and earn a percentage of the cash paid by the client for every single click that happens on their site.

Actually the very nature of the World Wide Web has a lot to do with it not being suitable for traditional advertising. For starters, contrary to what most people think, the net is not an advanced Television. It is very different from the Television in that it is an interactive medium. It is actually an advancement on the Telephone. This means that the person surfing the web chooses where they want to go, just the way you choose which calls you want to make to get information and which calls you want to receive. This is the reason why, while many people may be tolerant of advertisements coming to them on Television, they will usually get extremely upset with unsolicited ads coming to them through the internet. Whether it is pop-up ads that interfere with their surfing experience or unsolicited mail in their email inbox, the reaction is often the same.

As clear proof of this, software that blocks pop-up advertisements and unsolicited mail has been very popular online. Not only that, laws making spamming a criminal offence have been passed. Effective online advertising methods and tools are very different from those practiced offline and much more difficult to master. Especially for a new business. This is why offline ads play such a critical role for sites and other online businesses. Radio for example has proved to be very effective in promoting websites as will be proved form the high number of online jingles and advertisements on radio these days.

Newspapers and magazines are also very effective. Even the traditional small business classified ads have often proved to be very effective in pulling massive traffic to a site. So if you are not doing too well and you have never tried offline ads, you should get to them pronto because they have the potential of making a huge difference in your online business.

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