Why The Plugin Profit Site Is Still Relevant After 2 Years

Jeff Schuman

A little over 2 years ago Stone Evans “The Home Biz Guy” started offering free websites as a way to get people to join him in a few select affiliate programs. Out of that became what is now known as “The Plugin Profit Site” Program or “PIPS” for short.

Stone has built thousands of these sites for free in the last 2 years. As with many affiliate programs people join for free and never ever become successful. It is not unusual to see programs lose their steam so to speak and to die out after a period of time. It is interesting to me that not only has the PIPS program not died, but it is actually thriving in the very competitive field of home based businesses and internet marketing. Here are a few reasons for that.

1. Stone Evans walks the walk. He is the number one affiliate in the world for many of the programs that make up the Plugin Profit Site. He does this by spending a great deal of his personal time marketing his program all over the internet. Do a Google search with the phrase “Stone Evans” and you will see over 1,600,000 results.

2. Stone has been consistent with his program. SFI, Host4Profit, The Internet Marketing Warriors, GetResponse, and The Internet Marketing Center have been in the Plugin Profit Site program from the start. Stone also added Traffic Swarm and Madison Dynamics at a later date. With new products and programs popping up online, almost by the minute, it would be easy to get off track and go off in all kinds of different directions.

Stone has never done this because the products and programs in the “PIPS” have proven to be the most financially successful for him personally. It is much easier to tell people what works and stick with it when you are speaking from personal experience.

3. The products and programs are free to join. The brillance to me in the “PIPS” program is how you can build a network of affiliates under you in the various programs by promoting the “Plugin Profit Site” itself. For example Stone is the number one affiliate for SFI every month and he will tell you he has does not advertise SFI directly.

Many of the top 100 sellers for SFI every month are “PIPS” members. Because you can join every program in the “PIPS affiliate program for free it has generated a large amount of new affiliates for the various programs individually in the past 2 years.

4. Anyone can make money right away. This is a key point. Stone builds you a new customized website generally in 24 hours or less. You get to pick your own domain name and he provides a logo at the top of your site promoting that name. You do have to pay for hosting, but can make back your hosting charges as you refer new PIPS members yourself. You are all set up and ready to go in a short period of time. Here is what your website will look like:

5. You are given marketing tips to follow that anyone can use to make money online with their own internet marketing website. Because there are different ability levels of people joining the “PIPS” progam ongoing training is provided that anyone can use regardless of their marketing experience. This includes a special forum in the famous Internet Marketing Warriors forum just for Plugin Profit Site members.

6. Valuable bonuses are offered to help you get started. These bonuses include free pay per click advertising credits, marketing software, ad tracking, additional marketing products and more. Perhaps the most valuable bonus of all is Stone’s book “30 Days To Success.” This is a guide you can follow on a day to day basis to become successful with your own internet marketing career.

All of the basics are covered in this book including how and where to advertise online, how to write articles to promote your business for free, how to use forum marketing to make more sales, how to get thousands of websites to link to you, and more. You can view a complete list of the bonuses here:

7. You get your own 400 day email marketing newsletter set up for you for free. For years now top internet marketing gurus have been saying “The Money Is In Your List.” Even with more strict email marketing guidelines on spamming this still is an important aspect of your overall marketing efforts. Stone gives you a prewritten, customized newsletter for over one year. There is no charge for this. He uses GetResponse for the autoresponder to deliver your newsletter to your subscribers. You are taught how to add subscribers to your newsletter.

One drawback is that GetResponse places ads on the top of your messages as they are delivered when you are a free member. For less than $18 a month you can upgrade the pro version and all advertising is removed and many Plugin Profit Site affiliates take advantage of this offer. You can see message one of this newsletter by email here:

8. The whole program can be changed at anytime by you. This is an important feature that allows you to add and remove products and programs from your website and newsletter at anytime. Since this is yours you control everything about it. How you promote, what you promote, when you promote, etc. is determined by you. This allows you to get started and then as you learn more over time you can develop your website and newsletter around your personality and any new favorite products and programs.

9. There is not to many bad things about the Plugin Profit Site. One thing I have found is that because this program attracts so many new people to internet marketing they do not have the skill level to be successful right away. Because the sales letter on the website promoting this program is written to attract new members people sometimes they feel this is an easy way to make money right away. That is not always true.

Internet marketing is hard work and this progam is no different. You have to master the different aspects of making money online and that will take more time for some and less time for others. The nice thing is everything is already put together for you. You just have to master all of the different marketing methods nd you will make more money as you do this.

The Plugin Profit Site is a tremendous program that gives you all of the products and tools to be successful. What you do with it from there is 100% up to you. With this program you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. If you will take the time to learn then this gives you a leg up on your competition and can be a very important income stream for many years to come. Thousands are making money with it and Stone Evans “The Home Biz Guy” is committed to helping thousands more in the years to come.

About the author:

Jeff Schuman is the creator of Team-Schuman.Com. His make money online website contains everything you need to make money on the internet. One of his top income sources is the Plugin Profit Site. You can learn more and get started for free here.

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