You Can Make Music CD’s Using Your MP3 Files

How great would it be to play your downloaded MP3 files or WMA music on your home stereo or your portable CD player? With Music Match Jukebox itÂ’s fairly easy. (You can get a free version) So get together your MP3 and WMA music files that you would like to put on CD and lets get started!

Download to your computer a copy of Music Match Jukebox at Music The
free version is great for most purposes, but if you are really into this, the plus version has more features and will burn the CD’s much quicker.

Close any programs you may have running including your email and any browsers.

Open Music Match and see if the files you want to copy to CD are listed in the library. If not simply click on the button labeled ‘add to library’ and wait as it searches your hard drive for all music files, including MP3 files.

If the play list is not empty simply click on the button labeled clear. Now drag the MP3 files you want to burn from the Library to the play list window, which is in the upper right hand corner. Just drag each item up or down to rearrange the track order.

After you have chosen all the tracks you would liked burned on this CD simply insert a blank, recordable CD in to your CD recorder.

Click Burn

Music Match automatically calculates the total usable space on your blank CD and if you have too many tracks it will let you know so you can take some off.

If you did not have too many tracks your CD should now be burning. This can take 2-20
minutes depending on your recorder speed. Try not to use your computer until the CD is completed to keep it from having corrupt songs.

Your MP3 files should now be in there new format and ready to use in your home stereo or portable CD player. Enjoy you new CD! Congratulate yourself on leaning something new today!!

1) If your computer has been running for a long time it would be a best to restart it before burning a CD.

2) Music Match has a volume leveling feature which will correct some files from being
louder than others. To use it simply click, Options-Recorder-settings and then check the
box labeled ‘prepare tracks for volume leveling’.

3) Be sure to only use CD-R blanks because most music CD players can’t read CD-RW

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